Division Predictions For 2010

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    Only reason Tampa will make postseason is they have to. See The Trend.
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    NFC East:
    1. Dallas Cowboys
    2. Philadelphia Eagles
    3. New York Giants
    4. Washington Redskins

    NFC North:
    1. Green Bay Packers
    2. Minnesota Vikings
    3. Detroit Lions (yeah I said it)
    4. Chicago Bears

    NFC South:
    1. New Orleans Saints
    2. Atlanta Falcons
    3. Carolina Panthers
    4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    NFC West:
    1. Arizona Cardinals
    2. San Francisco 49ers
    3. Seattle Seahawks
    4. St. Louis Rams

    AFC East:
    1. New York Jets
    2. Miami Dolphins
    3. New England Patriots
    4. Buffalo Bills

    AFC North:
    1. Pittsburgh Steelers
    2. Baltimore Ravens
    3. Cincinnati Begals
    4. Cleveland Bron's

    AFC South:
    1. Indianapolis Colts
    2. Houston Texans
    3. Tennessee Titans
    4. Jacksonville Jaquars

    AFC West:
    1. San Diego Chargers
    2. Denver Broncos
    3. Kansas City Chiefs
    4. Oakland Raiders

    Wild Card Playoffs:
    Eagles vs. Cardinals
    Vikings vs. Cowboys

    Miami vs. San Diego
    New York vs. Houston

    Divisional Playoffs:
    Dallas vs. Green Bay
    Philadelphia vs. New Orleans

    vs. Pittsburgh
    New York vs. Indianapolis

    Conference Championship:
    Philadelphia vs. Dallas
    Miami vs. Indianapolis

    Super Bowl XLV in Dallas Texas:
    Philadelphia Eagles vs. Miami Dolphins

    Super Bowl Champion: Philadelphia Eagles

    Ok, so some of this seems insane. You really can't pick now, but I can see this happening. 2 things. I just watched Ace Ventura so I want Philly/Miami with snowflake in the stadium.
    2. I'd LOVE for the Eagles to win the Super Bowl in Dallas. Philly fans taking over that city for 3 weeks. Mmmmmm. I'm gettin' goosebumps.

    Super Bowl XLVI:
    Detroit Lions vs. Houston Texans You heard it first here!!

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    Duke, I love the idea of the Ace Ventura Bowl.
  4. AFC East:
    Miami Dolphins
    New England Patriots
    New York Jets
    Buffalo Bills

    AFC North:
    Baltimore Ravens
    Cincinnati Bengals
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    Cleveland Browns

    AFC South:
    Indianapolis Colts
    Tennessee Titans
    Houston Texans
    Jacksonville Jaguars

    AFC West:
    San Diego Chargers
    Oakland Raiders
    Kansas City Chiefs
    Denver Broncos

    NFC East:
    New York Giants
    Dallas Cowboys
    Philadelphia Eagles
    Washington Redskins

    NFC North:
    Minnesota Vikings
    Green Bay Packers
    Chicago Bears
    Detroit Lions

    NFC South:
    New Orleans Saints
    Atlanta Falcons
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Carolina Panthers

    NFC West:
    San Francisco 49ers
    Seattle Seahawks
    Arizona Cardinals
    St. Louis Rams

    Division Champion

    Wild Card
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    Wow. I just ended a conversation with my girlfriend about Ace Ventura a few minutes ago. Such odd timing.

    "Tonight on Miami Vice...Crockett gets the boss a coffee."
  6. CaptainStubing

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    now that we are at the mid-point of the season, I thought it would be fun to dig up this thread from summer.

    I'm feeling pretty good that I predicted the bengals, cowboys, and vikings would miss the playoffs this season after making them last year. however, i seem to have whiffed on the giants, bucs, 49ers, and phins unless something major happens.
  7. PurplePeopleEaters

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    giants could fold. they've done it before.
  8. CaptainStubing

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    yes, the season isn't over and the giants and bucs could fold and the 49ers and phins could still make the playoffs ................. i'm not holding my breath though.
  9. Chipper10

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    Interesting to see predictions from earlier, and see how they stand at this point. So many things are still up in the air mid-way through the season, still. Some teams are coming to life. Surprises are in the mix. And we don't have a clue who the best team in the league really is.
  10. CaptainStubing

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    so, do you look like a genius or a moron with your predictions?

    overall, i'm not happy with mine, even though i predicted the demises of the cowboys, cardinals, bengals and vikings and predicted the steelers and falcons would be back in the playoffs this year. i whiffed on too many others.
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    I sucked!
  12. TOP DAWG

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    Ward was right on with his AFC picks. Good job. :icon_cheesygrin: I liked all the comments on the Pats demise, and no running attack. Our running has been the best in years, with a big thank you to the Jets for helping us with that on the Woodhead gift. The law firm will probably crack the 1000 mark against Miami.
  13. CaptainStubing

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    yep, i think ward did the best overall. he predicted 8 of the (likely) 12 playoff teams.

    The Duke and I both predicted 7.

    We can't count BBB's because he selected 6 wild card teams ..... :Loco:

    Blaze had 6

    ravenfan had 4 ............ yikes ......... :icon_eek:
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    I didn't post earlier in the year but I got 5/12. To get 7/12 or 8/12 is damn good. So how much did the hires of Romeo and Charlie weigh on your Chiefs pick, Ward?:bowdown:
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