Do you think curtis is a top wideout in the NFC

Discussion in 'Philadelphia Eagles' started by eaglesrule4ever, Oct 28, 2007.

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    Well after this eagles game i seen how great kevin curtis really is so i decide to start a thread about it.The play that really had me on kevin curtis is how fast he really is he has the speed of a donte stallworth and has great hands and he is very smart. If you watched the eagles game today you probably seen where he caught a football in midair whenit bounced out of the cornerbacks hands and after it bounced off his helmet kevin curtis pulled in the pass one handed if thats not good then what is?Hey eaglesfan do u think curtis is good as i think he is hes on pace for 70 receptions and a double digit touchdown pace and over 1000 yards at the current pace he is on so what do you think.
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    I think he's a very dangerous weapon but he would be better suited being a #2 or #3. If the Eagles could have another WR step up consistently he could really make some noise week in and week out.
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    That one handed grab was great. I think he's a good #2 but not a #1. Hopefully Reggie Brown has turned the corner this year to help him out.
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    the eagles should've kept stallworth and then signed curtis but our front office felt it was better to stay $10mil under the cap.
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    gah i was so pissed off when they didn't re-sign stallworth.

    then he ends up signing with the freaking pats. :cuss:

    edit: did you see the friggin wheels on curtis when he caught that slant? :shock:
    i just wish he'd have scored the TD.