Dolphins Considered Trading Ronnie Brown For Braylon Edwards?

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins' started by SRW, Oct 12, 2009.

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    The Dolphins considering trading running back Ronnie Brown to the Browns for Braylon Edwards, ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter reported. The Dolphins opted not to do it, thinking Brown was too much to give up. Brown was third-leading rusher in the NFL heading into Monday night's game.

    Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer
  2. Flacco2MasonTD

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    Wow, I don't think that would've been a good idea.
  3. chiefswin19games

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    I think Schefter made a mistake taking the four letter job. They gave him the "let's make crap up and call it news" kool-aid.
  4. 86WARD

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    Good thinking
  5. SoDev

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    Nothing exciting like after the fact trade rumors...
  6. hermhater

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    Good game Ronnie!
  7. codatious99

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    ummmm that would have been a dumb move
  8. DoubleC

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    for once. :redface: