Dolphins GM Asked WR Dez Bryant If Mom Was A Prostitute

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins' started by Sweets, Apr 27, 2010.

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    For all those saying the team can ask whatever they want during a job interview, please go to your HR departments tomorrow, walk into the HR director's office and tell him during your interview (or an interview you conducted with an employee you hired) that you asked/were asked if their mother was a prostitute. Then log onto to GIF and tell me what the reprocussions of that conversation would be.

    There is no freaking way in my mind that question (intent be damned) was appropriate in that setting. If you want to get a reaction out of Dez Bryant, ask him why his fat butt showed up to the combine out of shape? That strikes to the players actual work ethic, motivation and is FOOTBALL related. A team executive is in a position of authority over these guys and has a large determination into what that players future will be. As such, there are codes of conducts and policies that everyone in any HR industry I've ever known had to abide by in an interview.
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    There were more than 1 in that game. if i were 2 say that a game that was bought. id give that a close call on that 1.
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    Not a good look....

    My have times changed... There was a time when if someone spoke badly about your mom it was ON right then, right there. I agree with you... the Colt McKoys and Suh's wouldn't have been asked that question. I honestly don't think the Dolphins were interested in drafting him anyway. That was not a good look!
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    At the same time, being a football player or playing sports isn't like any other job. In what other job are you going to find colleagues openly heckling and badmouthing you, hoping to make you fail? And someone already mentioned the investment issue. It's a lot of money tied up to one player and they need to know whether said player has the mental strength to let crap like that slip off.

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    Besides, I hardly think that question is among the top 10 in terms of harshness.