Dolphins QB Chad Henne Says Starting Spot "My Job To Lose"

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  1. The following is a team-released transcript of Miami Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne's Wednesday press conference: On his first trip to Lambeau Field and how exciting it will be for him: "Yeah I think it's definitely going to be exciting. I've never been there. So, obviously a lot of history there, but we got to put that behind us--(I mean) we're in there to go win a football game, not look around and see how historic it is, but, it's going to be a lot of fun to play in there. I heard that (it is a) pretty much a hostile environment, so, it'll be fun." On what are the benefits and detriments of having a bye-week: "Benefits are to fix what went wrong the last two weeks in our losses…understand what we did wrong whether it was turnovers whether it was penalties--a lot of minus plays. So, that is what one thing that we can correct. Bad thing is that we haven't got out on the field in a week and you know we have to do more a bit against cards in our practices and not against real tempo (you know). We're just happy to be out there and practicing getting better each and every day and that's what we have to look forward to in this week." On what he worked on during the bye-week: "There is a lot of different situations that Coach Sparano put us in whether it be third down, red zone, just different situations that he wanted to correct. And you know the biggest thing for me is trying to protect the ball, take care of the ball, make smart decisions, and knowing where to go with the football." On how he would characterize his three top receivers (referencing Brandon Marshall, Brian Hartline, and Davone Bess and what each of them bring to the passing game: "Well obviously you know Brandon (Marshall) is a big play capability guy and (you know) whether he's covered or he's not (you know) double covered we're going to try to--if he's in progression try to find him the ball because he can go up and get the football. (Brian) Hartline has been one of those guys too that can slip into the coverage and get a big play because he's a deep threat also with his speed. But, he's been doing some really good things on the other side of the ball. If they double coverage Brandon (Marshall) we get him one on one. And Davone (Bess) in the slot (I mean)…when people are trying to double cover him, go one on one with him, he can either go inside he can go outside (I mean) Davone (Bess) is just a guy that's (you know what I mean) I always say quarterback friendly. He's always there for you." On how important has Davone Bess become to him as the season has gone along knowing that he can count on him in his progression: "I mean I think it's been great. I mean the way you know Dan Henning and our offensive coaches have been designing our passing game trying to fit people in different spots has been wonderful…because like I said, I mean before we don't know who's going to get the ball. I'm going to go through the progression, guys are going to do the right things, and whoever is open is going to get the football." On why he thinks his quarterback third down rating is so high: "I mean, a lot of different reasons. I mean there's things where we get Davone (Bess) involved a lot more. I don't know if its--you know we're third and short at times you know we're in a favorable position on first and second down that we can be more efficient on third down. But I mean it's just because we keep executing in practice. I mean we see it in practice we're getting better in practice and we feel good getting into third down situations that we have a good chance to get the first down." On why he thinks his quarterback rating is so low in the fourth quarter conversely (follow up to previous question: "(I mean) I can't explain that. I haven't looked at it a lot. But whether it's we're up in the game and you know we're trying to run the ball or making smarter decisions with the football--not taking chances if we had the game won like the first two games, or it's you know where you know the last two games it's two minute situations where we had to force the ball down the field and make those type of throws." On if the identity of the offense is still that of a rushing offense: "Obviously we're looking to run the ball first, but I think we're becoming more balanced. We're not always sitting there in the game saying we have to rush the ball 40 times in order to win this game. We can win in different phases of the game and that's the confidence in the coaches that they feel in our passing game and myself to turn towards that if we have to win the football game by passing the ball. I would say we want to try to be as balanced as possible." On much of a help Chad Pennington is in the film room: "He's great. We sit in there for hours and hours. Tonight we'll be in there late, but it's just the details that he picks out. Whether one guy will be pressed and we anticipate pressure from the other side; it's just little things that he picks out that helps us out as a quarterback." On good Chad Pennington is at reading the defense pre-snap: "Yeah I mean he's very good. I think he understands the tendencies; he understands defensive fronts and what marries with the fronts and the coverages, alignments of people. He understands all that with the coverages." On how he feels about people saying that Chad Pennington should play this year while he continues his development: "Well I mean that's up to the coaching staff. I'm going to prepare like I'm the starter and play like I'm the starter. I guess it's my job to lose, so I've got to perform well and win some games." On if this is a must-win game: "I think they're all must win games. Obviously coming off of two losses we want to get back on the right track and win a football game. Every game is very important to us; we can't just lapse up and say this one's not a must win. Yeah in our minds every game is a must win and we have to come out there and perform to a high capability." On the Psycho linebacker-heavy package and whether he feels it will be affected by all of Green Bay's injuries: "We'll see who plays in the games with injuries but we're anticipating everybody to play at the linebacker position with (Clay) Matthews and everything. With their zone pressure with the linebackers we obviously got to be aware of where they're going to bring it, got to be up and down with our hots (hot routes) and where to go with the football quickly. Obviously I can't hold the ball all day back there because they will bring pressure. Getting the ball out on time and knowing where to go with the football is going to be key." On what time he will go home tonight and if he ever feels the time he spends here in the film room during the week is drudgery: "We'll be here, it doesn't matter; it all depends what kind of work we have done, but sometimes 7:30, sometimes 8:00, it all depends, but it doesn't really matter. It's more how you persuade yourself into efficient film watching rather than just spending time. Is it drudgery? No, this is where we get prepared. This is where we see things in the week and perform on game day when we can just kind of almost like muscle memory; see the film, see it on game day and then react to it. This is really helping us in our preparation." On how much he worries about statistics week to week: "Stats as a quarterback, it's all about winning; it's not about stats. You either win or you lose and that's what you're judged on as a quarterback. That's what Coach Sparano is judged on. It's winning more than anything; we could run the ball 55 times and I could throw it 10. As long as we win it doesn't matter what happens."

    Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel
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