Dolphins Say DE Dion Jordan Not A Starter "At This Point"

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins' started by Sweets, Aug 13, 2013.

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    When the Miami Dolphins traded up in the April draft to select defensive end Dion Jordan, everyone assumed that Jordan was a lock to compete for the starting job opposite superstar Cameron Wake. Not necessarily. Dolphins defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle told Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald that Jordan is not competing with incumbent starter Oliver Vernon "at this point" because he has not gotten enough practice reps.

    “We’re obviously taking some precaution with Dion, not wanting to overload him at this point,â€￾ Coyle said. “We’ve got a plan in place that we think will get him ready to participate at the level we feel best at to complete the season...“We would like to see as much of him as we can, but we will be careful as we proceed. He’s working his tail off. The other night, he had one of the most explosive hits in the game. When they came out in the Wildcat, he was in the backfield making a great, athletic play.â€￾

    Thus far Jordan played only seven snaps against the Jacksonville Jaguars after playing only on third downs in the Hall of Fame Game. He has missed the last two days of practice due to an issue with his surgically repaired shoulder. In the meantime, Vernon has had a solid training camp. It looks like Jordan will be reduced to a pass rushing specialist for the foreseeable future.

    Source: The Redzone
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    Maybe it's a great move at this point. Get the guy some more practice reps and up his power and Mobility, then throw him in the mix for some explosive hits.
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    You realize that we aren't talking about Madden here...right?
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    He can't get free for those explosive hits yet & we don't want the media on us for a bust draft pick.

    Ultimately if he recovers fully & becomes that player, they'll be wise but I'd be a little concerned right now.
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    Great translation for what I meant. Thank you.
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    anyone who would be concerned about a kid not nailing down a starting job over a veteran when we're not even done with training camp is just looking for things to worry about. even 1st round picks need to be eased into the game sometimes. we'll see how it plays out.