Dolphins Sign Troubled Free Agent Rookie OG J.D. Quinn

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    The Dolphins have signed offensive linemen J.D. Quinn, one of the undrafted rookies invited to tryout during last weekend's rookie camp, and it appears he comes with a troublesome past. In 2006 Quinn and quarterback Rhett Bomar were dismissed by the Sooners because they accepted money for work they didn't perform at a Norman, Okla., car dealership. Upon transferring to Montana, Quinn also encountered troubles there as he was arrested in Missoula in July 2007 and in May 2008 on charges of drunken driving. "J.D. is a changed man the past 12 months," Cameron Foster, his agent, said. "He has seen his stock value fall and realized that he's his own worst enemy. He has gone to AA meetings and realized his problem and been humbled."

    Source: Sun-Sentinel
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    good for him, hes obviously got some serious talent being such a high recruit by oklahoma
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    They all say they changed I just hope it ture
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    What else should they say...
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    hasn't changed?
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    Good luck to the kid.