Donovan McNabb Says There's 100% Chance He'll Sign An Extension

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  1. Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb contradicted some of what offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan said Tuesday, saying that he did not hear anyone tell him he could be benched during the game if he was struggling physically. Shanahan told reporters that was part of their conversation with him early in the week, but McNabb, speaking on his weekly paid radio appearance with ESPN 980, said, "We had a conversation of the injuries that I have, being a little banged up and of wanting to rest up for the long haul or letting the injuries heal more, but I didn't hear the word benching or anything to that effect." McNabb also refuted a report by ESPN's Chris Mortenson as well as comments by former Eagles practice squad QB Tim Hasselbeck. The report questioned his work ethic as well as his tempo in practice and games. "I haven't heard anything to that effect," McNabb told hosts Thom Loverro and Kevin Sheehan. "That is news to me. My practice tempo has always been the same, to get the guys and rally to go run the play and make sure you do it effectively. There's nothing more I can say to that. Maybe I should run up to the line, I don't know. That's a new one." He also said no one has talked to him about his supposed bad habits. "I haven't heard anything to that effect. That's new. This is a time where everyone starts to dig deep and starts bringing up stuff that they've heard or sources say." He also said there's "100 percent chance" he will sign an extension with Washington. However, he also said, "If I say 75 or 60 percent, there'd be another story."

    Source: Washington Examiner
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    There's a 100% chance that they won't offer him a long-term extension to sign.
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    McNabb is 100% crazy for wanting to sign an extension with Washington.
  4. DatR3al

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    I hope this crap doesnt happen, we need this guy bad.
  5. holy crap. :0 Mcnabb on the Vikings would be dirty.
  6. Roy31

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    They were talking on NFL Network tonight how the Skins are going to get rid of McNabb and how he's going to end up on the Arizona Cardinals. lol.
  7. Omen

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    yup thats what i heard too ^^^^^^
  8. 86WARD

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    This thread still makes me laugh. Realistically and all jokes aside, there's less than a 25% chance the Redskins want him and it's probably closer to 0%.
  9. smeags

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    i so miss the mcdrama this guy brings along with him.
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  10. bigsexyy81

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    It's all Shanahan's fault as well as the media's. Ya big jerk. Poor Donovan always being treated unfairly.
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  11. phiglesphan

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    The media has had Donovan's back on this one. Probably because A) he is out of Philly where the media is as unhealthily obsessed with bashing him as you are B) Shanhan's move to replace Donovan was with Rex Grossman who couldn't hold Donovan's jock and promptly coughed up the ball moments after getting the goobered nod from his coach.
  12. smeags

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    you're so right phigles, mcnabb has something like a 38 qb rating with three int's in the the last two minutes of the game this season so how dare a coach bench him.

    just like reid was wrong for benching him while sporting a 15 qb raiting for 5 qrts.

    qb's get benched. steve young got benched against the eagles. he ranted during the heat of the moment and then instead of being a bedwtter he proceded to torch the league in route a to a blowout super bowl win.
  13. PurplePeopleEaters

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    mcturd will take the route of bedwetter. he is what he is.
  14. Walnuts

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