Drafting 14th in a 14 team PPR League

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  1. gcmartin007

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    Hi, I've never drafted this late before, it does provide me with back to back picks. So is there a certain strategy to employ for these circumstances?
  2. Kurt

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    Really a tough spot to draft from in a 14 team league. All the top RB's will be gone... and if you wait until your 3rd and 4th pick to draft RB you'll be dealing with scraps.

    So why not draft RB with your 1st and 2nd? Because the smart picks will probably be at WR.

    Based on ADP you could draft Mixon and Najee. I'd like them. Both projected to be cow bells and Mixon should get more PPR work with Gio now with the Bucs.

    Or draft 2 top 5 WR's with your 1st picks and bank on Darrell Henderson being available with your 3rd or 4th - then for the next pick grab a top QB knowing Chase Edmonds will probably be around for your 5th and 6th to pair with Henderson.

    It all comes down to what is available. Review this ADP chart and get some ideas of how you could build your team IF your draft followed ADP

    Non-PPR Average Draft Position (ADP) 14-team (2021) (fantasyfootballcalculator.com)

    Also be sure to have a deep stable of late round sleepers - I have a link to that on the cheatsheet page and I keep it updated. You need high upside sleepers on your bench in a 14 team league!
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    thx Kurt. I'll look over what you provided. Earlier today I participated in a 14 team ppr mock draft. Below are the results, seems like I drafted some folks you mention. Based on ADP I reached for some but would appreciate any comments. thx

    Aaron Rodgers QB · GB 4 43 A QB
    Chase Edmonds RB · ARI 3 42 A RB
    Darrell Henderson RB · LAR 5 70 A RB
    Stefon Diggs WR · BUF 2 15 A WR
    DeAndre Hopkins WR · ARI 1 14 A WR
    Chase Claypool WR · PIT 6 71 A RB-WR
    Jared Cook TE · LAC 12 155 A TE
    Justin Tucker K · BAL 14 183 A K
    Colts DST · IND 13 182 A DST
    Devin Singletary RB · BUF 8 99 RS RB
    Rhamondre Stevenson RB · NE 11 154 RS RB
    Michael Gallup WR · DAL 10 127 RS RB-WR
    Curtis Samuel WR · WAS 9 126 RS RB-WR
    Deebo Samuel WR · SF 7 98 RS RB-WR
  4. Kurt

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    I'd rather reach a round or 2 (depending how good your league is) and get my guy.

    The Rams backfield could be a pain in the butt so there is risk with those guys so I couldn't over pay in LAR.

    Mock looks pretty good!! You managed to get top tier WR's and a top tier QB in a 14 team league. RB could be an issue for you so as always work the waiver wire (if this was a real league).

    I don't know what else was available at 4 - but if these QB's repeat 2021 stats - I bet you could have had Wilson or Tannehill or Brady much later than 4 and only sacrificed 1 or 2 points per game. I also like Winston (Saints QB I think) as a late round high upside QB if you don't go after QB in the 4th or 5th/6th round.