Draymond Green and Brooks Koepka: Two Tales of Confidence Brimming

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    Confidence is a really bad movie starring Edward Burns. If I remember the plot correctly, Burns plays a con artist who’s trying to pull off the scam of his life. The film features a number of twists and rather predictable turns where Burns and his merry band of grifters try to scam a mob boss played by Dustin Hoffman out of his fortune. It’s an average-at-best crime thriller that features plenty of gratuitous scenes of the annoyingly handsome and one-liner specialist Mr. Burns. But Burns is perfect for the starring role of a film called Confidence because when his neck is on the line, his character exudes exactly that. In real life, Burns is married to blonde bombshell Heather Graham. In real life, confidence is what it takes to get a blonde bombshell to fall for you in the first place.

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