Drop Patterson?

Discussion in 'Fantasy Football Advice' started by GOOCH7373, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. GOOCH7373

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    I have the number 2 waiver pick this week and was wondering if I should use it on Hillman or one of the other options in your week 8 waiver column with C. Patterson being the player I drop? Aside from Hillman the only other positions I am beginning to think about adding is TE and QB as week 9 is both of mine's bye weeks and I have zero depth there. Thanks.
  2. LebaneseFF

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    Who are your top WR on the WW. that in my opinion is your weakness. but I wiould drop Bush for Hillman
  3. Greg Brosh

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    I agree, your running back depth is awesome. I would try for the top receiver available. If there isn't much there, I would pick up Hillman and then trade a running back for a receiver to help you out.

    I also wouldn't drop Patterson if your ww at receiver is weak.

    In a 10 teamer, you should have something left to pick from.
  4. GOOCH7373

    GOOCH7373 2nd String Premium Member

    Top WR's: D. Baldwin, D.Bowe, M. Floyd (SD), A. Robison, G. Jennings, M. Evans, J. Kearse, D. Adams, B. Lafell, A. Hawkis, J. Wright
    Top RB's: J. Mckinnon, D. McFadden, D. Robinson, A. Dixon, R. Hillman, T. Mason,B. Rainey

    Should I be looking for anything to cover my TE and QB for their bye weeks next week or wait until next week?
  5. Greg Brosh

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    I would drop Bush for McKinnon before Hillman. I'm surprised he hasn't been picked up yet. If you miss out on McKinnon, then nab Hillman

    I would also either look at Robinson or Baldwin for Patterson. Robinson is getting better, but on a bad team obviously. Baldwin is the No. 1, but the Seahawks spread the ball around. Either way, both players are better than Patterson at this point.

    If you can land any of the players above, you really helped your team.