Eagles Land Chip Kelly As Head Coach

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  1. Sweets

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    ala butthole Pete Carroll???
  2. TheDuke

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    Next big mystery, coordinators?
  3. Buck Fenson

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    you think his offense will work in the NFL?
  4. TheDuke

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    A very similar one is working in San Fran. I now think he'll definitely go Geno is he's available and run some sort of hybrid.
  5. ragman

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    How is he going to get Geno? Some mock drafts I've seen have him going to KC at #1 .
  6. 86WARD

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    I can't see Reid taking Geno.

    Barkley is already making his case for Kelly to draft him by saying what a genius Kelly is...lol.
  7. TheDuke

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    Reid is taking the Tackle from A&M.
  8. bigsexyy81

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    I've got the gay for Barkley. Yessssss.
  9. Jihad Joe

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    I'm not writing this move off.

    Conventional wisdom says it shouldn't work, but conventional wisdom has had a few off years in a row, and may be over the hill

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  10. mike oxlong

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    Eagles Update: A Safe Landing In Philadelphia

    Chip Kelly Lands In Philly, Addresses Media | Birds 24/7


    On Wednesday, the Eagles named Chip Kelly the 21st head coach in the history of the Philadelphia Eagles. Here is a sampling of what the big names in the football world think about Kelly ...

    ESPN analyst and former head coach Jon Gruden: "This guy's a stud. This guy's a stand-up guy. He's the first guy to take credit when things go wrong, and I really believe he's going to be a dominant coach for a long time."

    NFL Network analyst and former Eagles offensive lineman Brian Baldinger: "Chip is an innovator. He is a disciplinarian. He's very, very tough and close to the vest. He can be a tough guy to get to know. He's got a visor and his coaching face on 24-7. But there's a lot of things about Chip that I think can flat out work in the NFL."

    NFL Network analyst and former NFL personnel executive Michael Lombardi: "Anybody who says Chip Kelly's offense won't work in the NFL, they really don't know Chip Kelly as a person. Chip Kelly's very smart, he's very analytical, and he'll adapt to the pro game and his talents as a leader will take over as a head coach. ... I like people that think outside the box. I like people that think differently."

    Former New Hampshire head coach Bill Bowles, under whom Kelly coached between 1994 and 1998: "He's bright enough to know you have to match your offense with the talent you have. Not all coaches have that - the ability to make changes or adaptations, and the foresight to analyze and evaluate the personnel you have, and create the best offense for your personnel."

    Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, on Kelly's no-huddle offense: "I was interested to hear how he did it. I would say he expanded it to a different level and it was very interesting to understand what he was doing. Certainly I've learned a lot from talking to Chip about his experiences with it and how he does it and his procedure and all that."

    Ravens tight end Ed twinkyson, who played under Kelly at Oregon: "Chip Kelly is a mastermind."
  11. mike oxlong

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  12. smeags

    smeags militant geek

    ok so anyone who thinks kelly's offense won't work in the nfl doesn't know chip cause he'll adapt.

    doesn't that prove the theory that it won't work ?

    my issue with this is the fact that qb's get hurt and will continue to get hurt at high rates running this scheme in the nfl and nfl DC's are already looking at how stanford shut oregan down.

    now, if he can adapt, and i hope he can i see him suceeding.
  13. ragman

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    1. From where I sit, the Eagles have everything they need to run this offense, except a trigger man.

    2. This is not good news for the Cowboys. The last time Kiffin faced Kelly, which was in November at USC's place, the Ducks scored 62 points and racked up 730 yards of total offense. Kelly is 2-1 against Kiffin. If Kiffin can't figure out Kelly, he won't be able to figure out the Eagles.
  14. CaptainStubing

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    whatever happened at usc and oregon has absolutely no bearing on what's going to happen in eagles vs. cowboys
  15. ragman

    ragman Pro Bowler Fantasy Guru

    I disagree.

    May I pull this quote from you out when the Eagles slaughter the Cowboys twice in 2013? And, BTW, Rick Gosselin said the same thing I said in today's Dallas Morning News about the Chip Kelly hiring. And, he knows a LOT more about the NFL than I do.
  16. smeags

    smeags militant geek

    Wouldnt that actually mean u repeated rick's comment ?
  17. smeags

    smeags militant geek

    I am liking what im hearing from kelly so far in his 1st presser.
  18. DawkinsINT

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    Very cool of Reid to tell him good things about the organization.
  19. smeags

    smeags militant geek

    Yeah class move by reid.
  20. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    Listened to it as well and sounded very positive and encouraging while Kelly was speaking.

    Hopefully for The fans of the Eagles, he's able to translate over to the NFL level.

    The only thing that bothered me about the presser was when Kelly said football is football...cause it's not...
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