Eagles Tell Chiefs QB Nick Foles Is Not Available

Discussion in 'Philadelphia Eagles' started by SRW, Feb 23, 2013.

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    The Eagles have been saying publicly that they have no plans to trade 2nd year QB Nick Foles and according to a report from USA Today's Mike Garafolo, that's what they're saying privately as well.

    Garafolo says that the Chiefs did approach the Eagles about the availability of Foles, but "no progress" was made on any talks because the Eagles reiterated that they are high on Foles and plan on having him compete with Michael Vick for the starting job this summer.

    "This is a young, talented player who didn't even have a chance to play with all our frontline guys on the offensive line or skill-position players," GM Howie Roseman said Thursday. "He's a talented guy. We just drafted him last year. I think this is a different situation than we've had the past couple years where we had quarterbacks."

    Foles did finish with the 8th best completion percentage all time for rookies with a minimum of 6 starts and as Roseman said, he did so without largely without the likes of DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy and all but one starter on the offensive line.

    "We like the player, we like a lot of things about the player, he's a young player in the league and we're trying to accumulate good players," Roseman continued. "We're not in the business of trying to get rid of our good young players."

    Source: SBNation.com
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    Woah, a little surprised they aren't more open to talks about him. He certainly doesn't fit Kelly's offense.
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  4. VICK#7


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    Oh? You and Chip on speaking terms because I don't think anyone, not even him knows what his pro offense is going to look like. He CAN'T run that college offense in the NFL. I think Foles would fit better than you'd think but either way, what they say and what they mean are 2 completely different things. Nick Foles will be an Eagles for most/all of the 2013 NFL season.
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    I would have agreed with that more before re-signing Vick and getting Dixon.
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    Rigggggght, he's just going to dump the only offense he's ever used at any level, his baby that he's spent his whole career to this point developing and perfecting. Keep dreaming.

    Oh, btw, youre right in that he can't run it, but you're wrong in thinking he won't.
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    He's not going to run the Oregon offense in the NFL. Will he take it and retouch it to make it work in the NFL? Yes, he will. I do however think he likes Foles enough to build it around him. Did I say he was going to dump it? Nope. Will he adapt it and help make it fit to the only QB on the team who isn't garbage at this point? Yep.
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    Nothing more then posturing on the eagles part. You dont have to be a personal friend of kelly to see the writing on the wall.