Eagles Unlikely To Be Able To Package QB Kevin Kolb In Draft Day Trade

Discussion in 'Philadelphia Eagles' started by SRW, Apr 17, 2011.

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    With the draft now 11 days away, Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports it’s highly unlikely the lockout will be lifted in time for the Eagles to package Kolb for picks in this year’s draft. Team are prohibited from trading players during the lockout, meaning the draft will likely come and go with Kolb remaining property of the Eagles. Then, the question comes what the Eagles will seek in a deal after the draft. They could look to the future and focus on picks in the 2012 draft, but that won’t help them this coming season. Kolb is signed for only one more season, so Philadelphia needs to trade him and in order to maximize his value, they need to do so early in the offseason allowing Kolb time to learn a system with a new team.

    Source: National Football Post
  2. 86WARD

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    It's going to be tough. The Eagles are asking a lot, Kolb is asking a lot.
  3. RAF Eagle

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    lets be honest was never gona happen what with the CBA, although they will still no doubt get a 1st in 2012 for him! everyone needs a QB
  4. Hope for there sake their demands doesn't backfire on them if they don't envision Kolb being on their opening day roster.
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    How can anything backfire? Their demands could very well be the FO's excuse for keeping him. 'Sorry Kevin, we put the offer out there and 1. nobody was willing to give a first for you that we think you are worth, or 2. the CBA didn't get renewed so we couldn't move you.'

    Or worst case, we go into the season with a decent backup instead of Mike friggin' Kafka and get one more year to evaluate both Vick and Kolb to determine who will be the long term solution. Both are entering the final year of their contracts (Vick franchised) so we could award the mega contract to the guy who proves it. If Vick is injured more and more this season, that might be all the head guys need to determine he isn't the best option.
  6. Jihad Joe

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    Kafta is your future
  7. bigsexyy81

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    After next year, he actually could be.

  8. 86WARD

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    He's possibly a hotter commodity than Kevin Kolb...just sayin'...lol
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    It could backfire on them by getting nothing for him and THEN having to play him and finding out he really does suck
  10. ball in the baskett

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    I dont think hes worth a first i dont ever see him becoming a superstar qb he will be middle of the pack not crapty but ok.
  11. Litez0ut

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    I wouldn't give up more then a 3rd for him.
  12. RAF Eagle

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    I highly doubt Kafka is the Eagles future, from what I hear the Eagles have recieved offers for him for crying out loud :s