Eagles vs. Cowboys 2013: Game Predictions

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    It's here. The final showdown of the 2013 NFL regular season. The stage could not have been set more perfectly.

    Eagles versus Cowboys. Winner takes the NFC East, loser leaves empty handed.

    It's the game Eagles fans have been waiting for too long now. It's the opportunity to get back into the NFL playoffs. It's the chance to crush a hated division rival on their own turf.

    Beyond the context of the contest, this match-up is very different than the first time these two teams met in earlier in the season. The Eagles are very much the better team right now. Dallas hasn't been playing nearly as well as Philadelphia has. The Cowboys are banged up and missing key players such as Tony Romo and Sean Lee. Everything is pointing in the Eagles' favor.

    Before you preach caution of overconfidence, trap games, and superstition, allow yourself to stop before you even get started. This isn't Minnesota. Set the anomaly aside. This isn't a game the Eagles are overlooking. It's a game where they're going to play good football, just as they have recently, and win. Yes, that's right: the Eagles are going to win this game. And they're going to win it big. With the way they've been playing, and the Eagles have earned the right to your confidence. Chip Kelly will show Monte Kiffin's defense no mercy.

    Run up the score, Chip. Win big. Beat Dallas.

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    Score prediction:
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    My predictions:

    Score prediction: 60-20, Eagles win, clinch the NFC East. Playoff bound.
    Bold prediction: At least one touchdown in all three phases: offense, defense, and special teams.

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