Emmitt Smith = Mumbling, Bumbling Buffoon

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    Steve Young got pissy with Jimmy Kimmel on the pregame show too. Asking him 'why are you here? Just to give a plug? Give us some analysis.' Kimmel said that the Giants have won 3 games in a row and if they win tonight they will have won 4 in a row. Odd exchange.
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    Emmitt Smith Is Not Getting Better on ESPN

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    More Emmitt Smith hilarity.....


    "They are definitely a fortable opponent, don't slip on the Texans."

    :pointlaugh: :pointlaugh: :pointlaugh: :pointlaugh: :pointlaugh:
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    I Guess everyone has to look for something wrong, with all the greats. Always making something bigger then what it is.

    Kobe = Rapist.
    MJ = A bad husband.
    Barkley = Gambler.
    Shaq = Too Fat, Out of Shape.
    Bonds = Steroids.
    Patriots = Spy Games.
    Barry Sanders = A Quitter.
    Peyton Manning = Does too many damn commercials.
    L.T. = Shows too much emotion when his team sucks.
    Emmitt = Can't get words out of his mouth right.

    They're not perfect, they're men who put their lives on the line to entertain us. Who cares about all of the above? The only two that should matter, is Barry, and the Patriots. Forget about their personal lives, or their speech impairment. ;-) All that matters, is besides Bonds and Pats, the rest of them get the job done.
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    no use being a homer on this one, Emmitt is being dissed by Cowboy fans everywhere, not being able in enunciate and pronounce everyday words is his main job and he fails badly at them every time he opens his mouth. He has a college degree so I'm assuming he had English classes, being able to communicate with the public is what he's getting pay to do hardly anything that belongs in the rapist, gambler, too fat stage. I hardly call football analyst as putting his life on the line for entertainment. It's not that he can't get the words out of the his mouth right, it's he doesn't actually know what words to use and clearly doesn't understand them.

    The only 2 that should matter is Steriods and Spying??? Rapist isn't on your list??? MJ and drugs but you chose the bad husband role?

    When he struggles with words like formidable and instead says affordable or slips instead of sleeps he needs to find a job that doesn't include speaking for a living.
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    AMEN...Meril and Jaws work well together and would be a huge improvement over Kornholer..................On the other hand, I like Tom Jackson, he does a pretty good job in general despite the list of meatheads he has to work with.:beerchug:
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    Maybe you're in the same category as Emmitt Then? " being able to communicate with the public is what he's getting pay to do " ? Shouldn't that be, what he's getting PAID to do? And i've never heard of Steriods.. Maybe Steroids.

    fyi, when I was speaking of these people entertain us, I didn't mean Emmitt's analyst job, I was speaking of his football career. I was far from being a homer, but when people criticize someone as yourself, he's speaking every night in front of a live audience watching him.. while you're typing with no one bothering you, and you're making the same mistakes, as you read what you type... as Emmitt makes on TV. So maybe we should be criticizing the "Mumbling, Bumbling Buffoon" Sweets. Thank you for clearing up, exactly what I was saying in my early post, Emmitt entertained millions, love him or hate him for a very long time, as did Barry [Bonds and Sanders], Kobe & Shaq [both still ballin'], Peyton, OJ, Mike Tyson.. So what, Emmitt can't talk to people's standards, so what? Sure he's getting paid a lot of money to do so, but it's his business. It was Kobe's business in that hotel room. So What OJ Killed his wife? Was I there? Did I have any say so in it? All I see of these people is what they did on the field. For that, I respect them. Ain't no off the field, on the screen stuff that they mess up, going to make me think any different of them. If you could do his job better, you'd be getting paid his salary, and It'd be you that we would be talking about right now, you can't even type right... but yet you're making jokes on a guy who can't get the words out right, during prime time television. Not hatin', and I know my book here isn't typed right, but i'm not the one who is criticizing the ESPN analysts, and Emmitt Smith, idc how I type, or how I talk. I was just making a point. And you're going to respond back, saying how I made no sense at all, being a homer, as you feel i'm being. ;-)

    and no, rapist is not on my list. Why? Because it's none of my business what he did that night, it's his business, not mine. My Business is watching him on the court, and hoping he don't get traded. The Steroids and Spy Games are on my list, because those two tarnish what I love most in life, Sports. I'm sure all 32 teams in the NFL Cheat somehow, but never have I ever seen a mediocre team such as the Redskins [giving them much props, cause I know how good their defense, especially could be] Give up 52 unanswered points. Stuff like that don't happen. When it happened against Dallas, sure.. that's legit, Our Pass Defense is horrible whenever the team we're playing has a good passing attack. & Bonds was what, 85 lbs when he played for the Pirates? now he's 265 lbs, pure muscle.. older then god. If He did do steroids in his personal time, then it reflects what he did in the batters box, he tarnished a major league record. my opinion though, just like everyone else has their own. :icon_cool:

    TOP DAWG Pro Bowler

    So what's the doc's verdict on your head injury. Eventually is there a chance you'll be able to get your communication skills back or are you stuck with this?:icon_rolleyes:
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    hahahaha one problem with your theory Inc...I'm not getting paid to type in here, a typo is very different from some guy in front of the public and using words he has no idea of what they mean. Oh and in reference to Kobe, it's not "and hoping he don't get traded" "stuff like that don't happen"...if you're going to call me out on typos better make sure your butt is clean, Mr. Mumbling, Bumbling Buffoon.

    I never said I hated Emmitt as a player, I do think he's in the wrong job right now and everytime he's on TV he proves he should be doing something else.

    You say you're not a homer yet you ran to Emmitt's defense and didn't hesitate to attack me, and you don't really know either of us. You say, so what if Emmitt can't talk to people's standards, isn't that what he's there for, to convey information? If you can honestly sit there and watch him week in and week out and not be flabbergasted that someone with a college degree can butcher the English language in front of millions and still stick up for him then power to ya kid.

    Just remember putting 2 letters in the wrong place isn't the same thing as talking and not knowing you're using the wrong word or even understand the meaning of the word, affordable and formidable but yeah ok.. I'm the mumbling, bumbling buffoon...good luck with that one Sparky
  10. Inclulbus

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    Might want to read this part of my comment...

    " I know my book here isn't typed right, but i'm not the one who is criticizing the ESPN analysts, and Emmitt Smith, idc how I type, or how I talk. "

    Meaning, I knew what I had that was incorrect, but i'm not the one who is criticizing people, All I was showing you is that you're doing exactly what he's doing, just on a keyboard. Not that I care, all I'm saying if you're going to put someone down, better make sure that last piece of toilet paper stays white, after the wipe. And yeah, I can honestly say it doesn't bother me when Emmitt, Steve, Tom Jackson, Irvin, Keyshawn, Parcells mess up on speaking. Sure they're getting paid for it, but if anything.. it's funny. I butcher the english language every day that i'm alive. granted I don't get paid for it, but if I would... i'd still be talking the way I talk, just as Emmitt talks the way he talks. Just as the way you type.
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    I'm not doing the same thing, I'm not paid to type this to anyone here, I'm not a professional. If I was a professional and fumbling that badly I would expect to be replaced by someone that would do a better job then I. Everyone messes up, true but no one as badly as Emmitt and as I have already said he doesn't even use the right words for what he's trying so badly to say.

    If you enjoy him, great, but as a viewer, I too have my opinion and as an analyst he STINKS.

    What I do find interesting however is that I am not alone in my observation of Emmitt Smith and his new job yet you didn't say anything to anyone else, guess I'm the worse typist here huh?
  12. Inclulbus

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    I wouldn't have said anything to you, had you not responded to me, questioning my priorities. From Rape not being on my list, To saying how Cowboys fans across the globe feel the same, As if that includes me. The difference between me, and the rest of the Cowboy nation, is i'm humble for what they've done this season. I don't talk trash to the opposing fans, unless they strike first. I don't gloat around about how great my team is doing. Fact of the matter is, I'm a realist. I know at any given moment, Romo, T.O, DWare, and Marion Barber could all be driving to the stadium together, and get hurt when theyre walking into the stadium, tripping over a pebble, and all 4 of them break their ankles. Is it going to happen?.. Probably not. Could it? Sure. Anything is possible. I'm not going to sit here and say we're the best team in football, and brag about it.. There's different Cowboy fans out there, then just the stereotypical. However, As much as I hated Steve Young when he played football, due to him being successful in the NFC, and always giving the 49ers a chance. I Respect him. And as long as he's on TV, being an analyst.. as Emmitt is, just knowing the respect I got for the players, is enough for me to look past what theyre talking about. Like I said, Sure Emmitt hecks up when he talks, So what? You wanna put him out of the booth, Go get interviewed for the position. I was making a point to no one is perfect in life, or in their careers. The only reason I ' came after ' you, was because you responded to me, and as said, sure you wasn't paid for it.. but you hecked up, just as Emmitt does. Point, Blank, Period.
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    Emmit is great for ESPN... he's the ONLY reason I watch monday countdown. I just can't pass up a train-wreck.
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    Questioned you priorities?? hahahaha, you're the one that overlooked the rape I just brought it to your attention. Cowboy fans in general not all over the globe geez you do seem to exaggerate comments. Well Inc, I hope if you end up with lots of money and you find an accountant that hecks up your money and when you lose it you come back here and read that NO ONE IS PERFECT line and look past everything to see a great guy but a crapty accountant who left you broke. People in the public eye are held to a higher standard then one chick on a message board who has a few typos and if you can't see past that I don't know what else to say. My whole point was just because athletes do well on the gridiron doesn't mean they deserve jobs in the booth as shown time and time again but even more so with Emmitt and his stuttering and mispronouncing of words, which he did again just minutes ago....saying sediments instead of sentiments.
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    lol.. just got done instant messaging crowned.. Emmitt was talkin bout Sean Taylor.. and talking to Omar Stoudamare, he said Rosh-Ington... instead of Washington as well, idc though, Like I said.. I think it's funny. And instead of does, he says do.. just as I do, so it's all good.
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    hahahahaha Inc...it's all good dude, enjoy your season because heaven knows I'm jealous!!
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    Ummmmmm....just had to shake my head as Emmitt tried to pronounce Cerebral.:icon_rolleyes: :icon_cheesygrin:
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    Don't know if anyone just caught this but this is what was said.....The ESPN crew about what the Ravens did wrong and after Steve Young's incoherent rambling about them only playing for 3 1/2 Qtrs, .....

    Emmit Smith proceeded to say the RAIDERS only played for 55 minutes!
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    I haven't really enjoyed it until games are over, last year it was one week to the next, not knowing which team was gonna show up.. and i've been waiting for that to happen, but so far so good. But it's alright, I see the Hawaii Logo, your College team reigning to supremacy, while mine has gone straight down the drain. granted, I always said I'd rather have Dallas be a winning team, and Marshall be a losing team, if I could trade them two around.. it sucks tho, cause I'm a season ticket holder at MU, tho I only went to two games this season.
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    It's easier to read Olly or DoubleC's posts...