ESPN's Keith Olbermann Calls For NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell To Step Down

Discussion in 'NFL General Discussion' started by 86WARD, Sep 8, 2014.

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    I hate Olbermann. He's completely smug and acts like a man of the people when it's so clear that he only cares about himself and his politics. I'm pretty sure he's beaten women and busted out N bombs.

    That being said, with my dislike of him as a person...I can't say that I disagree with much of what he said.
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    sensationalistic bullcrap. The owners are quite happy with him as commish. And what people fail to understand is the Commish is just the ultimate in middle management.

    He does the owners collectively tell him to do. He's just an organizer and a mouthpiece.
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    who cares if the owners are happy with him. what does that have to do with goodell's epic failure and the calls for his head ? besides it's not like the owners are gonna come out and rip him, it would implicate them in his duck up.
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    He needs to step down.
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    If the video was seen by Goodell and the Ravens (which TMZ, Jaworski and a couple news reports are reporting it was available) Goofdell should step down. Not only because of this, but just leads me to believe that he's covered up more than we are led to believe...see Spygate.
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    Yup and he hands punishments as he sees fit. With no oversight or checks and balances
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    yeah the spygate evidence gets destroyed but the nfl couldnt get thier hands on this video ? one that TMZ made available to both authorities and rice's atty ?

    of course the nfl asked the cops instead cause it makes sense that the police would release footage that directly impacts the ongoing investigation at the time.

    also - i have to mention that the ravens fans have shown that with ray lewis and now ray rice they have no issue with applauding and celebrating lowlifes.
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    I agree with Olbermann. Goodell has mishandled so many situations in the NFL recently and with the Rice situation, the punishment was so pathetic that after the fact, they came out and changed the punishments for domestic violence, yet said they wouldnt change the punishment for Rice until this new video came out.
    I dont agree with those who say that Goodell is a mounpiece for the owners. IMO, he has ultimate power and even if you appeal a punishment that he hands down, when you appeal, he's the one that you appeal to. Goodell does what he wants and really theres no one who can question or challenge his decisions.
    IMO, Goodell and the GM and President of the Ravens need to lose their jobs. You dont need to see the video from inside the elevator to know that Rice was abusing his fiance. Seeing him drag his wife out of the elevator by her hair should have been more than enough.
    I actually used to really like the Ravens until recently but after the Rice situation and how the team balked on it and stood behind him, Im out.
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    But Lewis can't possibly be compared to Rice...just ask him.
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    he has made no failures. He has done what he is told to do. The owners made all the decisions that you think he did.
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    your view is appreciated but again you're not bringing any new knowledge to the table.

    so i'll repeat who gives a crap, he's the mouth piece and he needs to go.
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    Hires former NSA, CIA, FBI investigators to crucify the Saints, fails to get a hotel tape to make a proper judgement in a domestic violence case...SMH
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    I know more than you about football in the first place because I know the NFL is a staged reality show to begin with.

    ESPN is quoting Olbermann and ESPN bows down to the NFL. All news sources are under the NFL umbrella and cant release any story without NFL approval. They want you to believe they did some investigative piece when all they did was react. If ESPN is writing and quoting stories about it ,it means the NFL isnt worried about anything.
    they want you to think these writers are doing something great by siding with the public and knocking Goodell when all they are doing is what the NFL told them to,to create a story that makes you blabber pointless nonsense at the water cooler.

    Peter King writes nothing the NFL doesn't allow him to. He just spins crap like everyone else. Same goes for all writers.
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    the Saints were hosting the SB that year so they had to make up a situation to take them out of the playoff race
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    Wow...apparently the NFL is more powerful than the Vatican was in the middle ages...
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    they/NFL have billions of dollars and the media wont risk losing the profit they make from them and vice versa.Would you leave it to random chance for billions ?

    the Catholic church hid the fact that they were a gay club for 50 years and no one knew.
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    But honestly, did they really need to see the video to know what happened in the elevator? Like, what do you see on the tape that we didn't already know had to have happened? Nothing on that tape is really "new evidence" as they call it. It's simply a visualization of what everyone knows happened. It's even what rice said happened.

    So basically It's ok to beat your wife and have everyone find out, just make sure it's not on camera.
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    Lol. Gay Club.