ESPN's Keith Olbermann Calls For NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell To Step Down

Discussion in 'NFL General Discussion' started by 86WARD, Sep 8, 2014.

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    Thank God Goodell & Co. isn't part of the judicial system. Had Rae Carruth committed his crime in 2014 he probably would have gotten a 2-game suspension and never served a day behind bars.
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    1. While there's no question that Goodell should step down, he's brought the owners a gazillion dollars. Do they want to kill the goose that laid the golden egg? I think not.

    2. Goodell has several owners as "his guys", notably Jones, Mara, Rooney, Irsay, and Haslem. Are they going to vote against him? Don't think so.
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    If Goodell steps down, what about Condaleeza Rice as new NFL commish? She's a huge football fan, she's gone on record as saying that being NFL commish would be her dream job, and she's a member of this committee that will be selecting a new college football national champion.
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    Even the owners would have to take action if the public outcry was great enough. Even a pissed off sponsor or two would apply pressure. Let's be honest, Goodell isn't the only duck on the pond that will do whatever the owners want to keep revenues up.
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    please explain to me what specifically he did, that was original, to bring in more money. not just to negotiate new tv contracts. what did he do that no one else could have done to make this cash cow get bigger.
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    In all actuality you will come to the same conclusions I have even if it takes you a while to get it. I know for a fact I am not wrong no matter how much proof you think I don't have.

    you need to use your logical mind and ask yourself very simple questions.

    2 Manning brothers on 3 separate teams go to 5 super bowls in the last 8 years.
    the one year Manning is injured ,his Brother just happens to get into a super bowl playing the same team they played before, in the Colts/Peyton's stadium !

    aren't all the magical things that happen in the NFL so very fantastic !

    the truth is none of that happens without predetermined manipulation.Its that simple
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    God you're worthless.
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    I just gave you a very distinct and obvious example of the absurd happening so easily and yet you are so indoctrinated by falsehoods that you refuse to see it.
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    So every team and every player is in on this conspiracy?
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    what conspiracy ? employees are doing what their employer tells them. Nothing illegal is happening.
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    So the teams that lose....every single player goes along with the program of being told not to play well. Then...throughout the entire history of the NFL...not one single player admits what he was told to do.

    Sounds reasonable.
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    it does when you make more money than anyone else in the country to just run around and work out and be on national television. The NFL makes billions and only has to rely on 12 million people in the 300 million in the USA to make that billions of dollars.

    government lies to you every day. The catholic church lied for 50 years. How is it so impossible for 32 billionaires to head a large reality tv show ?

    I don't care how impossible it seems to you. I just don't lie to myself when I see repeated bad calls week after week and the perfect storylines happening every year.

    entire history ? maybe since the 60s or there about
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    You're goobered.
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    Earlier you made reference that the NFL tried to line things up for the Mannings. What was so perfect about the story line about the Seahawks embarrassing him in the Super Bowl?

    Wouldn't they want a close game to make fringe watchers of the NFL, who only watch the Super Bowl, to become full time fans? The blowout hurt their product to newbies.
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    stop watching the ball fly around and start watching how defenders react. Watch them slow down and take bad angles and do that stupid fall down and grab at nothing crap.

    some games they may actually play out naturally but use officials to sway things for what ever reason. But sometimes they obviously work in unison .

    first week Broncos game- they can do no wrong in the first half and in the second they cant catch anything with hands of stone and get no breaks. the Colts get every break and cover the spread.

    the missed field goal that hit the upright= he was obviously supposed to miss that but it looked like it might go in so a flag was thrown against the Colts immediately just in case it went in. The way they miss a field goal is the holder presses down harder on the ball so it squirts out wrong along with the kicker trying to angle just a touch left or right.

    the Viking Patterson run was so fake= players just reaching for him and falling down. I'm not kidding,its no joke. Actually watch it a few times.

    the only thing stats are good for on ESPN are for fantasy leagues. You want to know who's going to win you pay attention to story lines.
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    a manning was still in that game. Why didn't Elway win all his too then ?

    the super bowl is just the last episode at the end of a tv season. The owners will decide if its a great storyline they push or its just to reward one of the owners for what ever reason.

    this time it was Manning+ the number one offense and defense + a wealthy owner with a small market team. Seattle will have no dynasty. aside from Idaho and Oregon, no one cares for Seattle to win again. But the major market teams and star players were still part of the final 4 = SF , New England-Brady,Denver-Manning.

    last year NE MADE it to the conf championship with 13 signed rookies ? really?