ESPN's Ron Jaworski Predicts Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald Leaving In 2011

Discussion in 'Arizona Cardinals' started by Sweets, Oct 29, 2010.

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    Ron Jaworski told a Phoenix radio station that Max Hall is so bad, Larry Fitzgerald will leave the Arizona Cardinals: “I can’t see Larry Fitzgerald staying in Arizona with the present status of this football team,†he said. “I just can’t see it. It’s a team that in the preseason that was approaching becoming more of a power running team. We spoke in that preseason contest when we had the Cardinals and Tennessee about this being Pittsburgh West with Russ Grimm and Ken Whisenhunt and the power running game with Beanie Wells. That just hasn’t happened. “Larry Fitzgerald with 29 catches is somewhat of an embarrassment for someone with that skill set. He’s gonna look at his team and say ‘hey this probably isn’t the place for me’ and you know what, he might just be right if this is the way it’s going to continue. They just don’t have any quarterback in waiting that you can say ‘this team is going to win right now’. We’re talking about Derek Anderson being the savior now and giving you the best chance, and I’m clearly not going to put him in that role. In all likelihood I think Larry Fitzgerald is going to be gone.â€

    Source: Phoenix Examiner
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    Sweet Lord I hope we can reunite him with Q in Baltimore.
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    wonder where he would like 2 land at...that would be an awesome pick up 4 an accurate QB.
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    Fitzgerald and White in Atlanta? A man can dream.
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    Johnson and Fitzgerald.
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    but you know they are going 2 slap the tag on him.

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    but he is worth the 2 1's imo
  7. One team that immediately comes to mind is Minnesota....his childhood team.

    Especially if Randy Moss signs a long-term deal with the Vikings after this season. You think Fitz would pass up an opportunity to play along side one of his mentors when Fitz was a Vikings ball boy in Moss' rookie year in 1998? Even without Moss.....returning to his home state in Minnesota could be high on his list if he were to leave.

    Quarterback situation doesn't even come to mind..... whether Favre returns next season or not, if Jackson is the man under center or from a rookie. If the Vikings free fall continues....they may actually have an opportunity to select a franchise QB early in the draft next year.
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    Fitz and uhh...crab...uh...crab? Damnit who even plays for sf???
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    Marshall and Fitzgerald on the wings with Bess in the slot, damn that is bananas. I think he would either go to the Vikings or Pittsburge(where he went to school).
  10. nixaler

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    Fitz and whatever washed out vet or no name bum they decide to sign that year