Ex-Bears QB Jim McMahon Says "My Memory's Pretty Much Gone"

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  1. When the Chicago Bears were roaring through their Super Bowl XX championship season many of their best moments came from Jim McMahon. Besides his work at quarterback, he also entertained TV audiences with messages written on his headband. And then there was the Super Bowl practice in New Orleans where he mooned the TV stations' helicopter crews. But now the question is how long will McMahon be able to recall those memorable moments. At a team reunion, he told the Chicago Tribune that his memory is developing a lot of blank spots, saying: "My memory's pretty much gone. There are a lot of times when I walk into a room and forget why I walked in there. I'm going through some studies right now and I am going to do a brain scan. It's unfortunate what the game does to you." McMahon added that there was little attention paid to concussion issues when he played. "Back then, it was just tape an aspirin to your helmet and you go back in . . . I've worked with some neurosurgeons and it's a very serious thing, man."

    Source: USA Today
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  2. Damn shame.....

    McMahon was one of my top 10 favorite quarterback's to watch over the years.

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    He definitely was a free spirit.
  4. He brought a certain moxie and toughness that really wasn't seen before at the quarterback position when he broke into the league. He could've been a really great quarterback if it weren't for the injuries....but he was a winner when he was on the field.
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    Pretty sure I've read before that Jim also was heavily into drugs so...........not sure I'd blame this all on concussions. Maybe he is trying to cash in on the current heightened awareness about this subject. Or maybe not. Just an alternative theory.
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    Don't be stupid. Drugs dont cause memory lo...wait...what the heck are we talking about again? I need a cheeseburger. No, a BACON cheeseburger. And a chocolate shake. Screw yeah, a chocolate shake.
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    bet he remembers his lyrics from the super bowl shuffle.
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    McMahon....... Oh, our flipchart holder, back in '96....

    Sad thing. As someone stated above, he prolly suffered 1 concussion to much.
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    REP :)