Ex-Colts Cheerleader Malori Wampler Speaks Out About Lawsuit

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  1. A former Indianapolis Colts cheerleader says her civil rights were violated when the team fired her. Malori Wampler was fired after the team saw some photos of her they didn't like. Wampler's lawsuit claims the Colts discriminated against her because she was a woman and Indonesian. "For me, it's standing up for myself," Wampler said. Wampler says that's at the heart of her lawsuit against the same football team she's been a fan of all her life. "Especially being a true Colts fan all my life and then getting to cheer for them, it's amazing," Wampler said. But her days as a Colts cheerleader were cut short last November. "Cheered Sunday, November 14. November 15, [Wampler was] called in and terminated. Abruptly terminated for something that happened prior to her being hired," said Wampler's attorney, Kim Jeselskis. That something is photos of Wampler wearing body paint and nothing else, and the pictures were taken at a party thrown by Playboy, but her attorney says her client never posed for the magazine, and attended some of their golf outings and took pictures with guests. "Some of them made it on the website," Jeselskis said.

    Source: WTHR Indianapolis
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  2. I think this whole thing is complete bullcrap.....the Colts had no grounds to fire her.

    It's not like she posed in an obscene or risqué manner like you find in Hustler Magazine. She was promoting a vodka company in body paint. Not a complete big deal.

    And this wouldn't have been an issue if a Colts "fan" didn't bring this to their attention. Another reason why this whole thing stinks.

    Freaking finks.
  3. According to the Colts.....a cheerleader posing in body paint is grounds for termination while another is posing in revealing clothing on a bed with a man isn't.

    What is more obscene?

    This is purely a case of racial discrimination.
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    That's complete BS
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    OMG, there should be a rule about gold diggin hoez, file a lawsuit, get it thrown out, simply that, WHY you ask? cuz your a heckin hoe.. you gave up the cat for free instead of charging at the time of the act. YOUR LOSS...
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    Sooooo a woman is a ho if she DOSEN'T charge for s*x??

    WOW :tsk:
  8. Sportsguy

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    I think this is complete BS. Your gonna fire somebody because you see Photos of them that you dont like
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    Wow thats complete bullcrap. Good luck Malori. Also famousguy what the heck are you talking about? Really?? Troll much...
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    I'll tell you what's bullcrap. This chick pulling the race card.

    Newsflash, ho: you wouldn't have made the squad in the first place if they were racist.

    You got pics out there showing your nips. Sorry, but I've heard many other teams get rid of cheerleaders for less than that.
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    Sad part about this whole thing is...in our society this c**t will end up making hundreds of thousands of dollars from this.

    Nobody cares you're Indonesian as long as you wipe that red dot off your forehead, shave you're pits and legs, and wear deodorant. Now go get me my slurpee snitch.
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