Ex-Colts Kicker Mike Vanderjagt Searching For A Team

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    The kicker who perhaps is best known for his decision to tee off on television regarding quarterback Peyton Manning and coach Tony Dungy is once again available for employment. Former Colts and Cowboys kicker Mike Vanderjagt has been released by the CFLs Toronto Argonauts, at his request. But hes not necessarily retiring. Having been born and raised in southern Ontario, I appreciate the feeling the fans there gave me of always being home, Vanderjagt said. Instead of retiring, I have asked for my release to leave my options open in case my feelings change.

    Source: Pro Football Talk.com
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    He wasn't all that great in the CFL, take this from someone who watched a fair amount of games. I think he ended up making 39 of 51 which was actually pretty decent. But he played in a dome for like 10 of 18 regular season games. But on the other side of the coin, he was kicking in cold windy weather for the other 8 games.