Ex-Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell Clears Waivers

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  1. JaMarcus Russell is now a free agent. As expected, the talented but extremely disappointing quarterback went unclaimed Friday and passed waivers. The Raiders used the No.1 overall pick on Russell in the 2007 draft but he never developed and was 7-18 as a starter, the worst winning percentage of any quarterback who was drafted No. 1, and became the quickest quarterback who was the No. 1 pick to be released by his drafting team.

    Source: ESPN
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  2. Rich7880

    Rich7880 HOLD ME!

    The worst I've ever seen
  3. MoorenMoore

    MoorenMoore Rookie

    Some one will pick him up soon. I'm thinking Philly...
  4. RichLikeWh0a

    RichLikeWh0a Hermhater = Nemesis

    Who knows if his ego will allow him to be signed for a minimum contract though?
  5. 86WARD

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    Philly? I'm hoping this response is "new guy sarcasm."

    GJDMQYB Guest

    I think we all knew this was coming it was just a matter of time. The question is what team, if any would want to take a chance on Jamarcus.
  7. wonderyears

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    who woulda thought he'd clear waivers
  8. Sweets

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    He's going to have to prove a crapload before any team picks him up. It'll be a team that already has a great QB and can take the time to help develop JaMarcus, esp. if he wants to come back and not just sit on his butt spending his millions.
  9. CaptainStubing

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    it will be a miracle if anyone is actually able to motivate this guy............ someone will try though ......
  10. Lord_Joe

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    This proves that Mike Reilly > JaMarcus Russell