Ex-Steelers LB James Harrison Reportedly Attracting Little Interest As Free Agent

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    Since James Harrison was released by the Pittsburgh Steelers upon refusing to accept a pay cut, he publicly has flirted with at least a half-dozen teams featuring a 3-4 defensive scheme. His agent insisted recently that six teams are interested in the veteran linebacker but up to this point Harrison hasn't signed or at least made team visits.

    It appears that he and his agent have overestimated his value significantly.

    With NFL executives congregating in Phoenix over the weekend, SI.com's Peter King finds that Harrison is "the coldest name of them all" at the NFL Annual Meeting.

    Unable to find a single person willing to admit an interest in Harrison, King believes the 34-year-old will have to settle for less than half of the $6.57 million he was scheduled to earn with the Steelers.

    Source: NFL.com
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  2. ball in the baskett

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    i would love to get him for cheap
  3. K Train

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    he wont go cheap, if he would be cheap hed still be a steeler.

    i think theyll bring him back at a discount like they did with starks...hes not getting much interest but its not because he cant still play, its because he puts a bullseye on the team when it comes to goodell, that and hes getting kinda old but he doesnt have a lot of miles on him for his age
  4. RAF Eagle

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    I don't see why he's still a good player, lost some of his explosiveness but he's better than a good number at LB.