Falcons CB Dunta Robinson May Face Serious Disciplinary Action

Discussion in 'Atlanta Falcons' started by Sweets, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. phiglesphan

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    He didn't do that. He put his shoulder into his chest and his helmet into his facemask and drove upward.

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    That's one more
  2. Omen

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    his facemask hit bc desean lower his and braced for impact he can not control that
  3. phiglesphan

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    That sure sounds like your arguing that he didn't intend it but I know we have covered that by now.
    He could have pushed his shoulder forward into D Jax chest while pulling his head to the side out of the contact. He did not. He drove upwards and his helmet as a result of that move drove into the helmet of a defenseless receiver. Therefor he broke the rules. Sure it was split second and reflexive but it still was a penalty.
  4. Omen

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    dude really its not that easy to decide.......have you ever played FB whether popwarner middle school highschool whatever..........its not like that you see a guy running you hit
  5. phiglesphan

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    Which is why they can't make intent a part of the rule if they want this type of hit diminished. It is never going to be possible to legislate hits like this out of the game completely but the league has taken the stance that they are willing to discipline hits like Robinson's to try and get rid of hits like Merrieweather's
  6. Chubz

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    you can argue this any which way you want, it was not an intentional hit with his helmet.
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    :icon_eek:Your kidding with this post right? You can't possibly be that illiterate yet still be able to post on an online football forum.

    :icon_rolleyes: Damn Jersey boys.
  8. Omen

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    you can intent has nothing to do with it but they(NFL) will still fine you whether you..........based on mechanics how you like to say bc if you intend to hit some with malicious intend your mechanics show it they will be different than that of non intentional hit......yet the NFL will fine you just the same
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    I say that the league should allow WRs to hire bodyguards to escort them thru their routes.

    Then they won't be 'defenseless' while they're 'unsuspecting'.
  10. cpgobrowns

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    Then you're going to have to negotiate with bodyguards' agents, and if the bodyguards unionize, we'll never get 2011 played.
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  11. SoDev

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    He didn't launch crap. He leans forward into the hit. His freaking foot doesn't even come off the ground. When you argue, try to at least be accurate, especially when you want to be smart-assy and crap throughout your arguments.

    YouTube - DeSean Jackson Hit by Dunta Robinson
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  12. CaptainStubing

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    dunta didn't launch but the league probably felt like it warranted a fine because he led high with his helmet. it most likely was just stupidity and not major intent but technically even if they don't launch, if they lead high with the crown of their helmet, it's illegal.

    this is the worrisome part of these possible suspensions though ............... compare meriweather's and robinson's hits. technically both were illegal but meriweather's obviously had more intent to hurt/injure. Will both be suspendable at the same rate even though the severity and intent of one was much more than the other?
  13. SoDev

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    Yes, yes. I was just breaking his launching comment.

    (stolen from a post from a radio show)

    So they review 5 plays a week and maybe 1 or 2 get fined and 1 gets suspended because it was deemed intentional? Not so bad. And this doesn't break the game. When you want to blow up a player do ti with your shoulder.
  14. phiglesphan

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    He launched...he just didn't get airborn because desean was moving even faster then him the other direction. Take D Jax and his momentum out of that equation and the body mechanics of what Dunta did would be a leap.

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    PS....I promise to stop being all "smart assy" if others (who shall remain nameless) will stop being dumb assy.
  15. SoDev

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    "I must break you"

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  16. K Train

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    they were going full speed...i guess the nfl would have preferred if robinson dove and got hurdled over on jacksons way to the endzone.

    robinsons was the least intentional of them...but caused the most damage, thats not how the rule should be enforced

    should be more like this....it would almost make too much sense to try

    - Unintentional "devastating hit"...no punishment (Robinson)
    - Unintentional illegal hit...penalty flag (Harrison)
    - Intentional illegal hit...penalty flag + fine (Merriweather)
    - Repeated intentional illegal hits...fine + suspension
  17. bigsexyy81

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    Umm... I thought wrapping up your target in order to tackle him and bring him to the ground is what was 'taught to all FB'. You know, where you use your arms to bring down a player.

    Take a look at the hits fined. They were all going for the knockout blow. Head down, arms not in a position for a tackle. That's crapty form. Proper form is to get your arms around the player to take him down.

    If everyone is teaching the whole 'put your facemask into his chest and drive', it's no freaking wonder half the league has had a concussion by week 7.

    I love the big hits as much as the next guy, but it isn't worth some of these guys shaving years off their career and potential lifelong damage.
  18. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    i cant say i really care too much about their safety, not sure they are worried about the average non athlete surviving on our day to day grind. they just so happen to get paid millions to entertain us, my entertainment is more important to me cause i dont really care about them. athletes come and go, thats part of the job, they are there to win and build a legacy and earn a check....i dont know why a few extra noticeable hits on last sunday caused such an uproar. the rules are hecked up, robinson could be facing the biggest punishment because jackson was the most hurt, yet his was the least intentional...thats no way to enforce the rule. it should be based on intent, not outcome.

    these rules are ridiculous....big hits, the bone crushing kind where team mates get on the field and pray for them are a big crowd attractor, ok maybe not to that extent but big hits in general. i like seeing players get hurt, not severely injured, but i got hurt when i played and i hurt other people....i thought by now that was a pretty accepted concept in a physical sport like football. its like no one watches nascar for the left turns, they watch for the accidents. making defenders think twice about hitting the QB is one thing but any player in general is ridiculous.
  19. CaptainStubing

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    huh? what does this mean? are you saying i plagiarized someone?
  20. SoDev

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    No donkey. I was stating what I quoted under that was copied form a radio show, meaning I wasn't taking credit for the stats.

    So they review 5 plays a week and maybe 1 or 2 get fined and 1 gets suspended because it was deemed intentional? Not so bad. And this doesn't break the game. When you want to blow up a player do ti with your shoulder.