Falcons' WR Roddy White, RB Stephen Jackson Ruled Out Vs The Buccaneers

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    Roddy White will miss the first game of his nine-year NFL career Sunday, ending his streak of 133 consecutive games played, the Falcons announced Friday.

    The Falcons also will be without running back Steven Jackson (hamstring), who hasn't even returned to practice after being hurt in Week 2.

    Source: NFL.com

    DaBears22's Take: The Bucs have to like this news. White has been an iron man in his career and Jackson really hasn't made a difference in Atlanta yet. Falcons have the second highest ypg passing wise behind the Broncos. This will take a hit with White not playing.
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    Pretty impressive that White hasn't missed any games prior to this Sunday.
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    Yep, white has really been an iron man during his career. No need to risk him at this point