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    The rules for this forum are the same as the rest of GIF with a few additional guidlines.
    • When asking questions about your team or roster here are the guidelines for doing so:
      We need your roster, or at least the important players pertaining to your question. We need your scoring system. Scoring systems can drastically affect a player's value and vary from league to league. If you don't give the details needed, don't expect a lot of responses.
      For example: WDIS, Bernard Berrian @ MIN or Jericho Cotchery vs NE. We start 3 WRs and get 1pt per reception, 1pt per 10yds, and 6pts for a TD. My other WRs are Anquon Boldin @ SF and Deion Branch vs OAK.
    • "Who Do I Start" (WDIS) posts should be ONLY posted in our weekly WDIS sticky thread. Please dont start a new thread asking if you should start Matt Leinart or Jon Kitna every week. This forum will turn into a cluster F if that happens. The WDIS threads will start on Tuesdays and be open until the start of MNF.
    • GIF Rules for Posting Articles From Other Sites
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.