First Report From Friday's Minicamp (with pics)

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    OK, here we are one hour into the New Orleans Saints first practice in minicamp on Airline Dr. and the weather is breesy.

    Yes, breesy. Drew Brees-y. Whatever injuries he has sustained in the past two years are just that: whatever. Every pass he threw in the first hour was brisk. He is downright frisky in the pocket, springing back into his three step drop.

    His arm strength is in mid-season form. He hit Devery Henderson on a 30-plus yard throw and has sprayed passes like precision buckshot to receivers all over the field.

    He's fixed on Coach Sean Payton's shoulder when the second and third teams take the field. He has jumped in and clarified calls for the backup throwers, who are just that - throwers -compared to Brees.

    They might as well have javelins in their hands. There is no question who is leading this team and there are no questions about this leader.

    It is such a strange thing to hit a Saints minicamp without questions at quarterback. It's like an out of body experience.

    How many minicamps have we entered with a murky quarterback forecast? Who will it be? Will he be healthy? Will he flake out?

    Brees is a different breed of quarterback for New Orleans. He stepped into training camp as the only person questioning his spot. He told reporters before he took the field today that he goes into each minicamp and each practice thinking he must "re-prove" himself and essentially earn his starting spot back. That mentality is probably what makes him so good.

    "I think this is the what-have-you-done-for-me-lately league," Brees said. "I think that's proven every year. One year a coach will get an extention becasue he had a great year and the next year he has a bad year and he gets fired. The me with a starting quarterback one year, you make the pro bowl and the next year, you know, you're talking about replacing him."

    There is no such talk today.

    All the stars seem aligned. The weather is gorgeous. The fans are enjoying each play and sighting of Bush or Deuce or Breeeeeeesssss. No one is sweating. A lazy breeze has quelled any suggestion of sweat and the real Brees has done the same to preseason quarterback questions.

    He's the man.

    Source: Tammy Nunez, The Times Picayune
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    pics by Dubya from saintsreport
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    hollis thomas is freaking HUGE