Former Giants LB Lawrence Taylor Unaware That Son Was Selling Ring

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    On Thursday, we told you the sad story of Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl ring going up for auction, it turns out that Taylor isn't the one selling the ring. NFL Network contributor and Fox Sports Insider Jay Glazer spoke with Taylor, who was unaware the ring was for sale. Apparently Taylor's son put the ring up for auction. The Hall of Famer doesn't have a problem with it because he gave the ring to his son and feels he can do whatever he wants with it. The bidding for the ring, which ends on Saturday night, was $37,892 on Thursday morning. Just one day later, it has skyrocketed to $89,568, a six figure final pricetag looks inevitable.

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    How sad.. what a piece of crap son that dude is.
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    LT should make his kid wear a Joe Thiesman jersey and pummel his butt old school style.
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    Damn, well like father like son. Probably selling it score a fix of that crack and pay an underage hooker.