Former LSU CB Tyrann Mathieu Says He Failed More Than 10 Drug Tests

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    So much about putting a value on Tyrann Mathieu's NFL draft stock involves getting a grip on his past, two weeks before the NFL draft, the rehabbing former Louisiana State cornerback is in the midst of a 10-stop, cross-country tour with a few more face-to-face chances to sell the notion that he can be trusted after marijuana derailed his college career, Jarrett Bell of USA Today reports.

    On each visit, Mathieu is wearing a suit and tie, hoping to send a not-so-subtle message that he's all business.

    "This is his job interview," agent Patrick Lawlor said. "It's just a matter of presenting himself as a professional."

    Mathieu, 20, once known for his nickname, Honey Badger, repeatedly has declared he's been clean since October, when he was arrested on possession of marijuana charges after being booted off the team.

    During one visit, Mathieu was asked how many drug tests he failed before he was suspended in college.

    According to an assistant coach for the team, Mathieu responded: "I quit counting at 10. I really don't know."

    The coach, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to comment about the evaluation, doesn't dump all of the blame on Mathieu. He points a finger at LSU.

    "If he flunked 10 tests before they suspended him, it shows that he got no kind of help," the coach said.

    Source: The Redzone
  2. CaptainStubing

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    as i've said, a team might be able to get a couple of good years out of this guy right out of college but then it's going to go downhill very quickly. He may stay out of trouble while he tries to build an nfl career but if he has success, he will immediately revert back.

    i might draft him, get 2 good years out of him as his stock rises and he hopefully stays out of trouble. and then i would trade him to get my pick back.
  3. DaBears22

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    Wow Mathieu is a complete idiot.

    ICECOLD 1st Stringer

    What if he gets selected by Denver or Seattle??? :icon_twisted:
  5. Crowned

    Crowned Doesn't give a shit.

    It would still be against NFL Drug abuse policy even if it is legal in those states.
  6. ball in the baskett

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    If he really wanted to quit he would marajuana isnt like other drugs that you get physically addicted its all mental. Ive been clean for almost a month and its not that hard it you really want it.
  7. Buck Fenson

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    I would not waste a pick on him. Too much of a chance he will not be available consistently. But someone will take a chance on him. They always do.
  8. SeanTaylor21

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    What a freaking goober, you're freaking up your future for herb? You're a god **mn moron.
  9. andy82

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    I can understand where you are coming from to an extent, but we don't quite have an understanding of this guys background or mental state that causes him to be reliant on the stuff (that seems clear). The fact that it took test failures in the double figures for them to kick him out kind of sums up what the SEC college think of their scholarship athletes, and probably would not shock me if they didn't refer him to some sort of treatment to deal with his situation.

    I wouldn't be sure of someone taking a chance on him, we've seen guys like Marcus Vick and Vontaze Burfict fly well out of the draft despite their talent, although it goes without saying that Mathieu's situation isn't quite so drastic.
  10. ball in the baskett

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    It could be that he just loves weed that much and doesent want to stop. I have friends that will never quit because they just love it so much. I obviously really enjoyed weed i was just tired of being burnt out all the time when your not high. If you let something like weed keep you from a good thing like then nfl then you are retarted.
  11. SeanTaylor21

    SeanTaylor21 TheKingofKind

    Exactamundo, I love weed, I probably won't stop I also have a prescription, I wonder what the NFL's policy would be on that?
  12. Buck Fenson

    Buck Fenson formerly Jake from State Farm

    I am not sure but even with a prescription some drugs are not allowed by the league so I think it would not be allowed also.
  13. Walnuts

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    Doesnt matter. There's plenty of legal things on the banned substances list. Also, you don't have a prescription. You have a doctors recommendation, there's a difference.
  14. Walnuts

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    Very few things please me more than when someone can't spell goobered properly, of all things. The irony is delicious.
  15. MediaGuy

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    PPP. If Chris Webber would have passed more than puffed puffed maybe Michigan would have one more NCAA Mens Basketball Championship Titles. But I digress. Don't bogart that joint my friends, that's my job! :icon_cheesygrin:
  16. Tarkus

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    Got no money for some weed so can someone hook a brutha up???

  17. ball in the baskett

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    na i really did quit lol
  18. Tarkus

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    Good for you, ball

    Less demons in your life, the lighter the load...
  19. Walnuts

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    No demons in de herb mon.

    I havent been drinking for the last couple weeks, its awesome. Sleep better, wake up early and sharp...not at the last minute, groggy and dragging butt for the first few hours of the day...and there's noticeably more money in my wallet since I drink quality brews. I don't intend to do it forever, but every now and then it's nice to take a break. Not giving up my herb though, I smoke every day and that's not likely to ever change. I feel like it is just as important to my well-being as eating well, staying hydrated and getting enough sleep.
  20. Buck Fenson

    Buck Fenson formerly Jake from State Farm

    As long as you use it and don't abuse it it is all good.