Former NFL LB Joey Porter Turns Himself In On 14 Year Old Warrant

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    Joey Porter drove on a restrained driver's license and was ticketed for speeding May 3, 1999. He missed a final court date in Fort Collins, Colo., while he was in training camp with the Steelers his rookie season, and, Wednesday, turned himself into local authorities.

    Porter was released on $1,100 bond, nearly 14 years after he was expected to be in court, Aug. 16, 1999.

    Porter is serving as a student assistant coach with Colorado State, the school Porter attended through the first semester of the 1998-99 school year. He was a third round pick of the Steelers in the 1999 NFL Draft.

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    At least he finally became a man about it.
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    This is hilarious. 1999? It's not like Colorado didn't know where Porter was the past 14 years.
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    And it's not like he wasn't in Denver multiple times in the last 14
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    if they ain't calling him,can't say I blame him for not showing up.
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    Thank goodness Colorado didn't issue an arrest warrant in Arizona while Porter played for the Cards. Nothing would have given Sheriff Joe Arpaio a stiffer woody than throwing him in Tent City while awaiting extradition.