Former NFL OT Kyle Turley Says He Has Suicidal Thoughts Resulting From Head Injuries

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    Former NFL offensive lineman Kyle Turley says he has psychological problems and suicidal thoughts resulting from head injuries sustained while playing football, according to a report in U-T San Diego.

    Turley, 37, who played eight years in the NFL with the New Orleans Saints, St. Louis Rams and Kansas City Chiefs, was diagnosed with two concussions in his career but believes he suffered many more, he says he takes medication to control his suicidal thoughts.

    "No one in my family has ever gone crazy and killed themselves or thought about that. I have," Turley told U-T San Diego. "It's not a thought that is fleeting. It's a thought that goes away when I'm on my medication, and the thought of doing a lot of crazy things as well and making unbelievable decisions."

    Turley said he has called the NFL Life Line, the league's 24-hour confidential support service for players or former players “in personal or emotional crisis," it was launched last July, two months after Junior Seau committed suicide.

    Turley is probably best known in the NFL for throwing the helmet of Jets defensive back Damien Robinson in 2001 after Robinson had grabbed the face mask and twisted the helmet of Saints quarterback Aaron Brooks.

    Despite his psychological issues, Turley told U-T San Diego that he still owns a gun.

    "I've got as good of a chance as anybody of going down that road into crazy land or into super crazy disease land," Turley said. "I've got every opportunity to probably be in the same boat in the future, and I don't know how far in the future. It's very, very disturbing, very frustrating, very stressful to deal with, especially having children."

    Source: Sporting News
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    i dont care if you got hit in the head a million times thinking like that is cowardly
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    Psychological problems, suicidal thoughts, guns in the house & has children...

    Can't help but feel this is a bad headline trying to pick a date.
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    Lets be honest...he wasn't that stable when he was a player...
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    [ame=]Kyle Turley Flying Helmet 9 Year Anniversary - YouTube[/ame]
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    See Junior Seau, Chris Benoit, The last few results of head trauma/concussions in sports and sports entertainment that I know of to end up something like this. Tarkus nailed it spot on.
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    Amen to that.
    Any Saints fan over the age of 10 probably remembers Turley. He was a nut case back then - wife running from him, forced anger management therapy - but he fit in well with Ditka and the rest of the circus
    back then.
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    exactly. turley wouldn't have been a stable personality even if he had just been an insurance salesman.

    turley should just throw his name into the class action lawsuits against the league for his share of the money grab and shut his mouth and go away.
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    He should be having suicidal thoughts after his attempt at becoming a country singer. I saw him open for Hank III a couple years back and good god was he ever awful. The crap was unseemly, man.
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    Did Kyle give up on his record label? He had a metal band signed that a buddy of mine in LA knew of and I had ordered a CD and got an autographed pic of Kyle when the disc arrived. It was actually halfway decent in my opinion. Oh well.

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    There is one other thing I want to say here. Talking about suicidal thoughts and such. A lot of non-football playing people who do not have concussions also have depression and suicidal thoughts. I'm not going to sit here and deny that these guys don't suffer some brain damage from all of the concussions but at the same time, how many guys from the leather helmet era committed suicide?

    I guess what I'm trying to get at is I wonder how many of these guys are depressed at not being pro football players anymore and not having that adrenaline rush and that spotlight. When one of these guys does commit suicide it becomes big news obviously because they played pro football. But percentage-wise it seems like the vast majority of ex-NFL players are able to find some kind of niche post-career without blasting themselves. Troy Aikman and Steve Young had tons of concussions and they have went on to extensive careers in the sports media.

    Concussions are bad obviously but I just think there is more to the story. And I say that as a person who has NEVER had a single concussion but I've been through some things and had some hecked up thoughts from time to time. I just think it is a more complex issue. But no matter what, I feel bad for anyone that has those kinds of thoughts. It is not logical and it is not fun.