Former Player Tom Nalen Admits Trying To Injure Igor Olshanksy

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    Former Denver Broncos offensive linemen Tom Nalen admitted to trying to injure defensive lineman Igor Olshansky in a game against the San Diego Chargers in 2006, according to Yahoo! Sports. Nalen is a player who didn't say much throughout his NFL career aside from the occasional "no comment," but now that he's retired, all bets are off. Nalen was being introduced as the next member of the Bronco's Ring of Fame, and among the topics covered over his 30 minutes or so of talking, Nalen said that he intentionally tried to injure Olshansky during a game against the Chargers. "I wanted to blow his knee out on that play because of what happened the play before," Nalen said, "But that, you know, is that dirty? I don't know." Nalen prefaced that statement by saying he didn't consider himself a dirty player. The play he's referencing came when the Broncos were lining up to spike the ball and stop the clock near the end of the game.

    Source: Yahoo! Sports
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    Sorry if you tried to "blow his knee out" you are a dirty player no if ands or buts.
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    Just a little payback for being tossed around by the face mask the play before...
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    That's the definition of dirty you idiot.
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    My little brothers sports career was basically injured on a dirty play. He was getting chippy and talking trash to a linebacker. Than one play it was a run to the right the play was over my brother on the other side of the field was walking back to the huddle and the guy ran in full speed and speared him in the arm with his helmet. The bones in his arm were snapped and they used titanium plates to fix it. He developed compartment syndrome and 4 years later he still has nerve damage from it. If he has to grip anything with that arm he can barely do it. It took a year of physical therapy 3-4 times a week to get him able to really function. His arm constantly had to be drained so he couldnt go to school. He couldnt keep up and ended up getting a C in one of his classes which meant he could no longer graduate with honors like he had been on track for. He had a couple of NCAA Division 2 basketball teams that were offering him scholarships for basketball. Those went out the window. This happened during his junior year which is probably the most important year for potential recruits. The ironic thing is not once during this entire ordeal has he snitched or complained "Why me" He stepped his game up and is becoming a very successful real estate agent who when he gets his bachelors degree will get his own new homes tract.

    My brother has continuously worked his butt off and hes bigger and stronger and faster than before the injury. He can still play basketball really good he just had to retrain his hand and how to make it work.

    The point of this story is that while in the heat of the moment it may seem like a good idea to be a lil dirty and hurt another playing who was a rod to you. The consequences could be career ending.
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    Thats sucks about your brother. That was a snitch move on the part of the lb. What we were always told to do if some one was talking crap to you was simply line up in front of him get low and chop him as hard as you can in the nuts. Lol

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