Former RB O.J. Simpson Brutally Beaten In Prison (False Rumor)

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    O.J. Simpson's been an afterthought since he went to prison, but a report today that he was brutally beaten by skinheads in his prison cell has him back in the media spotlight. The National Enquirer, which gained noticeable sports cred when they broke the Tiger Woods scandal, reports that Simpson was "beaten unconscious in a brutal prison yard attack" and is now so messed-up mentally that he can't leave his cell. "Unfortunately for O.J., a group of young skinhead punks were within earshot - and they were enraged," Bruce Fromong, a former business partner of Simpson's told the Enquirer. The Enquirer's report indicates that Simpson decided to "brag about his sexual conquests of beautiful white women" and that didn't sit to well with a group of "white supremacists." Simpson, now 63-years-old is apparently "afraid to venture out of his cell" following the reported attack. Unfortunately, Simpson is probably a long shot to garner much sympathy for his situation, which says a lot about what he did to end up in the Nevada Correctional Center.

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    Never thought my views on skinheads would ever be altered but...

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    Screw 'im. He earned his situation, nows he's gonna have to learn the rules.
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    He's lucky they let him live...Karma is alive and well
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    The juice got squeezed
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    Yes, Karma is a snitch....
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    He hecked Karma Electra too??
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    Skinheads did what to O.J.?
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    I'm sure he wouldn't have gotten beaten up if he was bragging about dominating white 'Jewish' women. Where we goin
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    It's BS right?
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    That's a shame...:laughy32:
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    Oh well,.....:boohoo:,.... Lot's of sympathy,.... NOT!!!,...
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    Damn y'all some racist MF'ers.
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    While it's a given that OJ's a turd, I just can't bring myself to feel too warm and fuzzy about a hate crime even when he's the target of it. Two wrongs...
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    What he got away with has a lot more to do with a lack of sympathy than what ultimately put him in the slammer.
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    I think a proper shanking would have been far more appropriate but this will do for now.