Free Agent CB Pacman Jones Misses Scheduled Workout

Discussion in 'NFL General Discussion' started by Roy31, Mar 19, 2010.

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    Former NFL cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones did not appear for a workout as expected Friday in New Orleans. There was no immediate word on why he chose to cancel the widely publicized appearance. Jones was supposed to hold his own workout for scouts after Tulane University finished its Pro Day.

    Source: New Orleans Times-Picayune
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    Now hopefully he'll disappear forever.

    MRAVEN 1st Stringer

    I just spit beer all over my screen....that's freaking hilarious:rollinglaugh:.
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    I did the exact same thing except with gatorade.

    Now no one can say that Pacman is not a bum. He is a case of Herpes that simply will not go away
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    WOW, Just WOW
  8. Jones infact showed up for his scheduled workout. James Varney believed Jones' workout was taking place at Tulane University but its being held in another venue.
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    Classic...nice job Varney.
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  11. "You know what I mean?"

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    according to la canfora, pacman was at the pro day
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    I JUST SPIT THIS HATERADE OUT OF MY MOUTH NOW KNOWING ALL THE HATERS SPIT ALL THEIR DRINKS OUT OF THEIR MOUTH WHEN THEY WAS HATING. get outta here and quit living your life to see people fail. Hope he gets signed, hes a helluva player when hes on the field.
  14. Roy31

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    I don't know whether to take that comment seriously or not.

    So whats the deal. He showed up late or something?
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    I wonder if Adam can spell the word "four" yet?
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    He's a freaking bum and tarnishes the rep of this league along with any team he signs with. Good player or not, he better straighten up or he ain't goin' nowhere. Hell it might be too late.

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    Some NFL team will give Pac Man his "last" chance 1 year Deal
  18. MediaGuy

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    He pissed somebody off at Tulane and moved to another location. He worked out today. Varney looks like an butt going with that story with out all the facts.
  19. Inclulbus

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    i dont see the big deal of how he messed up his chance in Dallas? A minor mistake sure, but he's freaking human. Dallas released him because of something that came up in the reason the titans had him suspended for and ended up trading to Dallas. The Bodyguard incident isn't crap. At least he didn't put out a hit for someone like Marvin Harrison did, you wanna talk about tarnishing the rep of the league, Marvin was the class of the league, and basically had a dude killed. Ain't nobody saying crap about Marvin when his name was popping up in threads last year, Say what you say, it's a bunch of people hating on a dude who when is on the field, is as much of an athlete as anybody.

    I feel like a c**k for even coming to the aid of a former Mountaineer.