Free Agent QB Vince Young Impresses In Workout For Raiders

Discussion in 'Oakland Raiders' started by SRW, Apr 11, 2013.

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    SRW Ex-World's Worst Site Admin's Ian Rapoport reported earlier in the offseason that the Oakland Raiders had "preliminary" conversations about bringing in free-agent quarterback Vince Young for a workout.

    On the heels of an impressive showing at the University Texas Pro Day late last month, the Raiders followed through on that workout Thursday. Young and former Baltimore Ravens backup Troy Smith both auditioned for the Raiders, Rapoport reported.

    "Heard Vince looked good," Rapoport added.

    Young will have to prove that he's made strides in accuracy and picking up NFL verbiage, but he does have the rise of the read-option offense in his favor as he attempts his comeback.

    If Oakland does add Young to the quarterback stable, it would seem to confirm a Yahoo! Sports report that there is "much organizational skepticism" about Terrelle Pryor, a draft pick from the Al Davis regime.

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    Well, no one has ever questioned how good he looks in shorts. His problems are in his head