Free Agent WR Pierre Garcon Signs With Redskins

Discussion in 'Washington Redskins' started by Sweets, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Sweets

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    Free agent wide receiver Pierre Garcon announced on his Twitter and Facebook pages that he is signing with the Washington Redskins. Terms were not disclosed, but Garcon reportedly turned down a five-year, $35 million contract offer from the Indianapolis Colts last month. A 2008 sixth-round pick out of Mount Union by the Colts, Garcon caught a career-high 70 passes for 947 yards and equaled his career-high with six touchdown receptions in 2011. The 6-foot, 210-pound Garcon moved into the starting lineup in 2009 and has 188 receptions for 2,519 yards and 16 touchdowns in 58 career games.

    Source: Mac's Football Blog
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  2. Agent Zero

    Agent Zero I rode the short bus

    Stupid move by the Skins.. Manning made Garcon. Without Manning he will just be an average WR IMO.

    EDIT: You know the Skins are gonna way over pay for this dude.
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  3. Crowned

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    He had 70 grabs for 947 yards and 6 touchdowns last season with crapty quarterbacks, while Manning did bring him onto the scene and probably did a ton for his confidence he still played pretty good ball last season without Manning.
  4. TideRedskinslunatic

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    almost as stupid as trading two number 1's for a guy who did'nt do crap in detroit and did'nt do crap when the pokes traded for him? typically cowboy ignorance!:icon_smile:
  5. Agent Zero

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    Yet it is ok to trade 3 firsts and a 2nd for a guy who has NEVER taken an NFL snap?

    But back on topic.. My point was, I don't think he will be as good in Washington as he was in Indy.
  6. andy82

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    Snyder Era Washington, where the careers of many have come to die.
  7. TideRedskinslunatic

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    only two 1st round picks since they switched places in round 1 jerry jr!
    and roy williams was traded after 2 sub par seasons in detroit to dallas for 2 number 1s and a contract renewal! you ignorant cowboy fans think you know it all when you are blind as senor dumbass himself,jerry jones.we'll see what happens next year when garcon and rg3 run all over the cowboys!
  8. TideRedskinslunatic

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    Skins also on the verge of signing josh morgan.
  9. Agent Zero

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    lol @ Jerry Jr. I am not even gonna get into this with you.. Good day sir
  10. YEAH DUDE!


    I'm interested to see if this works out and if anyone even remembers who this guy is in a few seasons.
  11. TideRedskinslunatic

    TideRedskinslunatic 2nd String

    It's all in good fun man! we'd probably have some fun drinking and talking about sports!
    you cowboys fans are a lot nicer than any of the a-hole eagles and giants fans! you just can't talk with those morons!:icon_cheesygrin::icon_biggrin:
  12. Agent Zero

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    Fair enough.. :beer:
  13. TideRedskinslunatic

    TideRedskinslunatic 2nd String

    i may hate the cowboys,buti respect the hell out of them,have for the last 42 years when the skins cowboys rivalry came to life!
    99.9% of the eagle giants fans i know are just total morons bordering on being criminals!
  14. Omen

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    Heard they signed josh Morgan from SF and are trying to land Edie royal

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  15. Agent Zero

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    Now that's funny stuff right there. lol

    Yeah man, I have been a fan since the late 70's. Some of my first memories were when Gibbs and Landry used to go at it. Good times right there. :beer:
  16. Agent Zero

    Agent Zero I rode the short bus

    Getting all the weapons they can for RGIII??? lol
  17. TideRedskinslunatic

    TideRedskinslunatic 2nd String

    well last year they signed like 10 vet wrs,so i think shanny has a thing for them! lol

    this tells me that banks,armstrong,austin and maybe santanna moss may all be gone soon! we need olinem like nicks and hutchinson,not all these wrs!
  18. bigsexyy81

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    Garçon is going to haunt my dreams.
  19. ball in the baskett

    ball in the baskett First Team All Pro

    meh doesent scare me one but
  20. TideRedskinslunatic

    TideRedskinslunatic 2nd String

    watching ameth crazy rant by 8 ball irvin on pierre garcon! he should be the living poster boy for drug abuse! lol