Giants Vs Cowboys

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Who will win this game?

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  1. Giants

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  1. ollysj

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    The Dallas Cowboys host the New York Giants at Cowboys Stadium on Monday 10/25/10. Kickoff time is 8:30 pm EST


  2. SoDev

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  3. Inclulbus

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    i have faith still. god is on our side.

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  4. :icon_cool:
  5. Flacco2MasonTD

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    I have to agree with the Giants fans on this one, it'll be interesting to how see much the national media drops their Cowboy coverage once their goose is officially cooked.
  6. SpankyNoodle

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  7. CaptainStubing

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    but it's not a 'must win' for the boys ...................... (according to romo anyway)
  8. Chubz

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    As a Giants fan I want to say the Giants are going to walk into Jerry World and read the the Cowboys their last rites.

    However, my brain tells me that if there is a game the Cowboys are going to win, it's this game. They lose this game and it really is over, no doubt about it. IF they win it keeps them on the bubble and only 2 games behind at least the Giants.

    What the Cowboys have to do to win this game is stop the BS penalties, have an effective rushing game and force turnovers. On defense they are going to have to stop Bradshaw at the lien of scrimmage. If he keeps getting the outside rushes for 4-6 yards, the Cowboys are in for a long day. The Cowboys don't match up well against the Giants receivers and if Manning gets time in the pocket that's the worst possible scenario for the Cowboys.
    They have to absolutely dissrupt Eli. Ware is going to have to have track shoes on this game. Diehl has absolutely had and up and down year so far he got beat a ton against the Colts, Peppers beat him a few times against the bears but he did manage to neutralize Mario Williams. IF the Cowboys are going to blitz heavily they have to watch Bradshaw on those bubble screens.

    For the Giants to win this, they have to play a clean game. They have to get push from the offensive line and they have to protect Eli. As I said above, I think Eli has the advantage against the Cowboys DBs. He absolutely has to make smart throws. If the Giants can run the ball like they have been doing everything else will fall into place. Defensively, the Giants can't give Tony Romo any room or time in the pocket. Don't give him good looks. Do what they have been doing, Line Tuck up in different spots and I wouldn't resort to doing what they did against the Colts. By that I mean, staying in a Nickel package. They just have to be aggresive. You want Romo to have to beat you in the Air. The cowboys offensive line is very weak. They can get good pressure from their front four. What the Giants don't want to do is bring the house and leave thsoe Cowboy wide recivers on an island with no help. They have to keep everything in front of them.

    Man this is a tough game to pick. I keep going back to last year and the cowboy team hasnt changed that much and the Giants have.

    I'm taking the Giants/
    Giants 24
    Cowboys 20.

    I think it's going to come down to two things, The Giants passrush and Eli passing the ball.
  9. Agent Zero

    Agent Zero I rode the short bus

    I am going to go out on a limb here.. Cowboys win by 10..
  10. ragman

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    You're taking the Giants? Gee, what a shock.:icon_rolleyes:
  11. Chubz

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    Why wouldn't I at this point. One team is 1-4 and the other team has hit it's stride at 4-2
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  12. Giants will embarrass the Cowboys

    Let's face it that the Cowboys just don't have it in them this year. A lot of people are expecting that they will get it together this week and I don't think so. I could care less and do not feel bad whatsoever for the Cowboys season that could be over..It's already over in my opinion. The Giants team is putting it back together. Don't forget that they are the #2 Rank Pass Defense in the league right now.

    Alot of people are expecting the Cowboys to pull it through Monday night and are betting that they win whether they feel bad for them or they don't see them losing another one at home or they think the BS penalties wont happen this time or Romo will do better job or there season is on the line so they can't lose its too early.

    The Cowboys are going to be in panic mode people!

    Sorry Cowboy fans. Tell Jerry to keep his fingers off the field and maybe just maybe Wade can coach this team his way. I believe Wade Phillips is a great coach but he is coaching the wrong team. There are too many different individuals and Egos on this team for a soft spoken Wade Phillips.

    Giants 27
    Cowboys 17
  13. phiglesphan

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    How bout dem boys!
  14. What a way to make a debut on GIF.....nice first post SSP. :icon_cool:
  15. Sweets

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    I don't think that it's Jerry's fault that his team is sharing their spot with my 49ers, welcome losers!!! It's not Jerry's fault this team sucks, the players need to take credit for this mess that they're in and believe me I kinda dig it and I really don't care too much for Wade mainly because he ain't Bum but it's not his fault although he needs to nut up and grab the bull by the horns and make all his players accountable. Of course it won't matter this week because I have a feeling after their game they'll be 1-5...:icon_cheesygrin:
  16. ragman

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    Ill take the Giants. With my track record lately, the Cowboys will be sure to win.
  17. The Sith

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  18. Dallas is only favored because there at home and they are desperate.

    My two cents.
  19. Jihad Joe

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    Dallas will play with the Giants, may even outplay them, then find a way to lose

    Its our calling card

    Giants 20 - 16.

    1 TD, 4 FG's, 10 penalties. Probobly get 400 yards of offense and give up ewer the 300. This game will be our season in a nutshell