Grand National Sweepstakes Entries

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Sports' started by andy82, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. Jammin Jaguar

    Jammin Jaguar English Student.

    I've got a fun idea to help the off-season pbutt... You give me lots of vBucks Fricker and I'll see what I can do with them. :icon_cool:
  2. skinsfan1

    skinsfan1 BANNED

  3. Fricker 4

    Fricker 4 Crabtree fall to 10

    LoL, you have alot right now and you dont do anything with them, why would i give you more lol. I have had a few chances for it to be earned. Including a

    Instant 6 Figure Challenge, with a min prize of 50k Vcash for the person who could make me a great 9ers signature that was animated. And no one stepped up to the plate. So i dont wanna hear it Jammin :). I get like 40k interest every 3 days, so think of creative ideas... and you will be rewarded
  4. brakos82

    brakos82 30% more cats than last year!

    I'm in, I think. :dance:
  5. Marion Who?

    Marion Who? Captain Stiff Arm

    Frick, how the hell did you get all that vCash?
  6. andy82

    andy82 Your Soul, It's Mine!

    If we can get to 20 that'll mean that everyone will have two horses, which will be perfect.
  7. DawkinsINT

    DawkinsINT Tebow free since 9/5/2015.

  8. MadMoxxiFavGun

    MadMoxxiFavGun Going Crazy

    It's guaranteed you gonna die, you might get missed
    For maybe 2 or 3 hours, 'til they light their spliffs
    And that coke will get you a long time
    But when I let 'em know the dope is out, it's like America Online
    Wise has awoken
    And you know they say that you deserved it whenever you die with your eyes open:icon_cheesygrin:
  9. andy82

    andy82 Your Soul, It's Mine!

    Is that a yes I'm in?
  10. mike oxlong

    mike oxlong The Voice Of Reason

    at my other site I killed in minor league football vbookie, me and ktrain are the only trillionaires on the site.
  11. dolphindude13

    dolphindude13 Jack Of All Trades

    Sign me up. :icon_thumright:

    I like the Dog tracks better but I can play the ponies to!
  12. Jammin Jaguar

    Jammin Jaguar English Student.

    I can't even remember who did that song, was it D12?
  13. andy82

    andy82 Your Soul, It's Mine!

    Although we fell short of 20, 17 is good :icon_cool:

    What will happen with the allocation is that you have a number according to when you joined up (eg. Andy82 is no.1), and using randomizer, a row of numbers between 1-17 will be generated. The first number that is generated in the row will be handed the horse that is considered the favourite, but also handed the least favourite of the second round (So they'll be the 34th Favourite). Due to not reaching the required amount however, there are six horses, so they will be allocated to the last six generated numbers.

    Your horses will be up shortly.
  14. Rabbit

    Rabbit Cowboy from hell

    Ok, let me in if possible Andy.
  15. andy82

    andy82 Your Soul, It's Mine!

    Ooooo, bit of a late comer, I might be able to squeeze you in.

    Check the new thread to see what horses you have been allocated.