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  1. TJ

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    Yeah, dumbass!! It wasn't steroids, it was HGH!!! Get your facts straight!!!

    (I don't need sarcasm tags, to I?)
  2. truelife

    truelife 6-0 is our goal

    i offer my congrats but as a san fran fan i'm also pissed moss broke rice's record.
  3. Cletusaurus

    Cletusaurus YES! YES! YES!

    To the ones that are actually being sensible about this- thank you.

    To those saying "it means nothing without a Super Bowl ring"- I agree, but at the same time it DOES mean something. I mean, I realize it's obviously so easy to do so everyone should be doing it, but the fact that NO ONE has done it in a 16-game season means something. It means they won marquee games IN Dallas and IN Indy, they survived late-season "letdown"-type games at home against Philly and AT Baltimore (games other teams likely lose, folding under the pressure), they went undefeated in their division for the first time EVER (hate the AFC East all you want, and I'll agree- after the Pats it's weak- but it's still tough to not lose a game to ANY divisional foe). They beat the teams seeded 2, 3, and 4 in their conference- and could have a win over the #6 seed should Cleveland get in. So while "it means nothing without a Super Bowl ring," it's still damned impressive and I'm as proud as I've ever been to call myself a Patriots fan.

    oh... and just cause I can and it seems to be Patriots fans unofficial rallying cry this year... GFY :icon_cheesygrin:
  4. frost

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    70's Steelers were steroid central right along with the Raiders...
    80's 9ers were chop block Kings...everyone knows that makes the WC offense even more deadly..
    90's drugs...do I need to say more?

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    In my opinion the worse scandal was the creative salary cap manipulation of the Denver Broncos. They get caught TWICE, and only lost a 3rd round draft pick the second time. Nothing the first time. :icon_rolleyes: And I'm not crying asterik on their Super Bowls. The ones crying this crap the most seem to be from crapass teams,who have become total whiney cu**s from their own teams performances.
  6. SuperBeast

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    complete BULLCRAP

    people will remember them going undefeated more than them adding yet another SB win...

    They are expected to win the SB...not go undefeated.

    Get a freaking clue ya moron.....:icon_rolleyes:

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    I agree it means a lot. It's freaking hard to do,especially in the day of a salary cap. Any team on a given day has the ability to beat you.
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    Page 8 on here
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    Very good point, don't forget the 49ers were caught to. They were penalized a 5th rd and a 3rd rd pick plus $300,000. Just my opinion but circumventing the salary cap is worse than getting a little video of your opponent.:icon_thumright:
  10. TOP DAWG

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    I forgot all about that one. Goddell would have nailed em for more than a 3 and a 5 nowdays.
  11. sender_name

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    Go pats go! 3 wins to go
  12. TJ

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    Right. That's why we remember the '42 (or something) Bears, right?
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    Something i've been saying since they were 12-0, lol.
  14. Spanky

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    This is a pivital moment in NFL history but the deal isn't done yet. My thought is if the Pats don't win it all then they will produce one of the biggest let downs in sports history.

    The season will go down in infamy, one way or another...
  15. 18-1

    :dance59: This has got to be the greatest team to ever win all their games... oh... they lost their last one:dance59:
    Not that is funny!!
    Maybe in '08 with the easiest schedule in the NFL you can go undefeated again until you play a good team!!!