Hines Ward Hit On Keith Rivers

Discussion in 'Pittsburgh Steelers' started by 86WARD, Oct 20, 2008.

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    Yea Housh made awesome points, who doesn't do it?
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    Housh must be bragging then.
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    Alright lets get over the bragging thing
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    Wow....this thread went way over there --->>>>

    Seriously, What do people want Hines to do and why can't a video be posted on a football forum?

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    Wow, what a shot....clean tho i believe
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    Won't be fined, Awesome man... I was going to be pissed.
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    great clip, sweet hit.
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    as I mentioned in part of My earlier post on the block..
    bragging or no.. it was a WR doing his job..
    and that's the name of the game..

    ..I'd really like to see what kind of block he'd be able to put on Rivers' face up.. something a li'l more along the lines of this one..
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXeAG2VuBo0]YouTube - a "face up" , Man on Man block [/ame]
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    So, because he hits people who don't see him coming, that makes it less than a face up block? I believe what's happened in that Merriman - Jones-Drew hit is that Merriman wasn't expecting Jones-Drew to hit him like he did, I doubt he was even looking at Jones-Drew. Isn't that just the same as the Ward hit? Look at Ward's hit on Ed Reed, that's a face up block.
  12. the Jag Zone

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    yes packerboy...
    if you look from the angle behind MJD... Merriman sees MJD because it appears as though he is trying to get his hands up to shed the block as he gets hammered.. and actually.. I prefer the Ward hit on Ed Reed in much the same way.. because it also appears as though Reed sees Ward coming out of his periphial (My spelling blows) vision... you may note that Reed also appears to be about to try and shed the block with his hands as he looks the other direction when he gets pelted..

    either way...
    give Me a block when a player stones a defender in front of him rather than a block when a player cracks back on an unsuspecting defender anytime.. as a former player, coach and fan.. I'll take the straight up hit anytime..

    again..let me emphasize.. that is in no way said to dis' the efforts HW makes on his down field blocking.. he is probably second to none as far as blocking for teammates as a skill position player... (I'll put Keyshawn as a distant second) ...Key' could also put the pads on people down field.. and quite well I might add!!!
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    True that a head on block is harder to pull off. However, a crackback is more fun as a player :)
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    Brutal shot...speed kills.
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    the truth is never classless. it's just a hard pill to swallow for some.

    not to sidetrack this thread anymore on this but really ? so when the evidence is there against you and you take a plea deal and rat out others so you don't go to trial, that proves innocence ? :dunno:

    you're young and naive kid, hopefully you never learn enough about the streets to know any different.

    on the hit - it was clean, who cares if he hit the guy face to face. is a blindside sack less of a sack because the qb didn't see it coming ?

    c'mon people, this is football not ping pong.
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    Rep for Smeagle....:icon_cheesygrin:
  17. the Jag Zone

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    I'm not young and naive and I know the Law..
    and as far as a Plea Agreement goes..
    they happen everyday in life..
    and it in no way says anything of guilt..
    the only "evidence there against him" was that he was there..
    and that he may or may not have known who the guilty party was.

    there's a list a mile long of reasons why people take those agreements..

    and guilty or not...
    your earlier remark about Ray Lewis (or anyone for that matter) being a "murdering thug" on a football board was nothing less than "classless"..
    :word33: :beerchug:
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    Didn't know Ward killed anyone with his hits.
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    That's a tad brutal.
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