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    Don't you feel generally they get boring. It's great to keep up on current team events,but generally they want you to be mindless and follow the masses. :icon_rolleyes: The Colts Boards are the worst. It's a lot more fun mixing it up with fans from other teams,than get in line to view over and over the same homer crap. I get a much better perspective on other teams,and players on multi team boards.
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    Or the fact that people who don't agree with the homers get banned.
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    I find it incredibly ironic that Top Dawg is complaining about homers.
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    49ers.com is famous for this crap and a lot of the members want everyone to blindly follow the norm and not berate their team for fear that Nolan or York will pop onto the message board and get upset...what a freaking crock of crap, trust me they have much better and pressing things to do then find out what fans think of the way they run the team. Heaven forbid you say that Alex Smith is a waste of 50 million dollars.

    He's talking about homer boards, and yes I agree with him they suck
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    Hate Homer boards. If it is crap, I like to call it crap, period
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    The "official" texans board is full of homers, so everybody abandoned it. :tease:
  8. I lurked some Colts sites for another board and Dam was on one with his lame butt Ask Dam thread that he claims he didin't start but he did.....it was awful.
    :groan: :groan: :groan:

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    Who the Hell am I going to get into any good fights with at Pat's Homer Land? :icon_twisted: Here it's like a smorgasboard of posters who need attitude adjustments. Actually I'm not a Homer,just won't take crap about my team. Discuss, fine:attack and I bring it back. Comprende?
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    Steelers site is....homers. I check it out but rarely post. I can't even imagine how boring a Pats one would be...haha
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    The Pat's team board has very knowledgable posters,and a great site for current info.,but generally boring as Hell.
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    there is a DC board that i got to and as TD said pretty knowledgeable but a bore. and i cant say crap heck butt snitch in there so i find that hard to do when i have the need to really express my self
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    The Chicago Bears offish is a haven for the football goobered. Which is a shame because there are actually people in there that have IQs in the triple digits, or at least double, but they all look like complete morons for the vocal minority. However, as a whole I find the Bears fanbase to have a higher number of dumbass fans than the rest of the league, I guess just because of the sheer size of it.
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    Lol, its like that every where.. I mean, I love the Cowboys fan base, we're all around. But for the most part of them, theyre all cocky and like to talk crap.. I feel I'm like how Top Dawg said, I don't bring it, unless attacked. But where I live in WV, Mainly Steelers, Skins, and Browns fans.. and theyre all moronic and idiotic when it comes to discussing football.
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    The most obnoxious, by far, is the Pats. Honestly, while they do have a good number of legit fans and always have, there are so many arrogant cocksuckers in that fanbase that swear they've been fans their whole lives but didn't even realize there was a football team to watch when the Red Sox weren't playing before 2001. I couldn't imagine what the Pats offish must look like, I will take the Pats fans' words for it here and imagine that it'd be boring. A massive circle in which people take turns jerking off to/worshipping pictures of Tom Brady.
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    The Lions don't have an "offish", but everyone I've been to its the same... bunch of miserable hecks.

    ugghhhh I can't wait til baseball starts.
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    Patriots and Cowboys have one of the faker fan-bases out there and there easy to spot, theres a few of the Patriots fans on here who are easily spotted as the above.
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    ha... you're such a rod. But what a perfect reference for this thread.