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    From PFT.
  2. BoltzRule

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    Don't think it'll have an impact on the game, but it can't be a good thing.
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    No def. no impact on the game but could be in the long term for Moss in New England. I can't wait to see what kind of money he asks for in the offseason and if the Patriots will obligue.
  4. Cletusaurus

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    Wrong Moss, geniuses. When has Moss been outside of New England during the season? And why would a small-time radio station in Florida be reporting this and not a bigger... I dunno... ACTUAL news source?

    ESPN has nothing about it, Fox Sports, hell, even Yahoo! Sports has absolutely ZEEEERROOOOO mention of this "story." Flubio strikes again!
  5. eaglesrule4ever

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    yeah definetly no impact on the game and i think he gonna get a contract want a contract that makes t.o contract look small.
  6. lostfan

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    I think he'd probably take a little less money to stay with the Pats if they didn't have the cap room to keep him :shrug:

    Still, keeping him is a no-brainer.
  7. afjay

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    I don't buy it, the link doesn't even work anymore.

  8. TJ

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    Oh, right...T.O. is the worst thing to ever happen to sports :lol:
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    Bellchick is behind this, somehow...
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  12. n1gbpackfan

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    Yeah.. I checked the Patriots home page and nothing about it there either. Hard to believe that even Moss would do something so stupid right now.
  13. DawkinsINT

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    Hot water for Moss...he's making tea.
  14. Rips Vikes

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    Hot bong water! :)
  15. FinFan_23

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    If it was true it's probably some dumb tramp trying to get his money.
  16. Saintsfan1972

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    ....or the commish. OH NOES......BREAK OUT THE TIN FOIL HATS
  17. FSUViking

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    It's true. I listened to him have a presser on WEEI and he is PISSED. He indicated he knew this was coming because he said the woman (whom he's known for 11 years) flat told him that unless he gave her some money (in the six figure range) she would take this to the press before the game this week.

    Seems like a jaded woman to me, but we don't know anything yet, so.....
  18. ollysj

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    Okay, let's see: He was @ NJ in September, Ohio, Texas and Florida in October....... :icon_mrgreen:
  19. Inclulbus

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    he comes to Charleston, WV all the time... I know, I live here. He has a business here, called Inta Juice. He's building his mother a new house here. And he comes to the "Magic Island" Here, along with Rams longsnapper, Chris Massey to sign Autographs for the youth, since they're both from here, but you know it all though, " Wrong Moss, Geniuses " Lmao, quote of the year right there, You ain't Terrell Owens, Although Randy Moss is your WR.. And it's wrong for us to do him like this.. But Crap Happens. :);_y...5nYcB?slug=ap-patriots-moss&prov=ap&type=lgns

    And here's your " Absolutely ZEEEERROOOOO mention of this "Story" ". ;-) FLUBIO STRIKES AGAIN!
  20. BoltzRule

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    Just saw it on NFL Live and Moss was asked about it. He denied hitting the woman, but he does know her. I think he's telling the truth, but still not a good thing.