Houston Alexander Dismisses Doubters

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  1. CP26

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    Houston Alexander is making all the right noises ahead of his fight with Eric Schafer at Ultimate Fight Night 15 on Wednesday.Though the word is overused in MMA circles, Alexander is one fighter who can justifiably be described as having made an explosive start to his UFC career.Quick, savage stoppage wins over Keith Jardine and Alessio Sakara generated a lot of hype around the Nebraska native.

    Source: Fighters Only Magazine - The UK's Greatest MMA Magazine - News - Article Title
  2. Garnett

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    I really pulled for him to after seeing his first fight and hearing his story. I really hope he gets a win. Every fight he's in ends in a highlight real KO. He either gets KO'd or KO's someone else. I hope it's the latter this time around, but I've heard Schafer is a tough opponent.
  3. CP26

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    we dont know if Shafer is good or not. I didnt see his fights but we may see a Surprise match.