How Do I Block Admin PMs?

Discussion in 'GridironFans Support' started by Cheezymadman, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. dolphindude13

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    Wow, this has got to be the best internet butt whoopin I've seen in a long time. Do yourself a favor Paul and stick to debating with the "GIF Giants" like Bears88 or Brooklyn, then you may be able to slap someone around. :icon_rolleyes:
  2. Paul33

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    When have I ever debated with those two?

    If the only way someone can win an argument is digging for dirt that is totally unrelated to the initial discussion, then be my guest.
  3. DawkinsINT

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    Agreed. That was brutal.
  4. dolphindude13

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    I'm not saying you've ever debated with them......I'm just saying they're more in line intelectually with your theories. Like you've said before.....all we posters have to go on are your previous posts, and if yours are indication of what to expect from you then i see lots of McNabb awards in your future. That's all.:icon_thumright:
  5. Sweets

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    What Paul fails to realize is that everyone, yep damn near everyone takes their turn in the tumbler around here, you took a shot and jumped in not knowing the circumstances and you were taken to task over it, learn from it, deal with it and move on because trust me someone else will take your place, it's inevitable.
  6. Paul33

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    Have you actually read any of my NFL related posts? I'm not trying to say I'm any expert or anything, but I'm pretty certain my contributions are pretty valid in those threads.

    Sure I've been exposed over the neg repping stuff, but like I said, why have the feature if people are going get all pissy about it?

    The points I ORIGINALLY made were valid enough, whether you agree or not is irrelevant. It's a shame people have to resort to digging up unrelated dirt to deflect the spotlight from their own shortcomings.
  7. dolphindude13

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    The points you made weren't valid at all.....because you being a new member have NO idea of the history of the site or of the posters here. What you should have done instead of interjecting your own biased opinion was to go back and do some research of Cheezy's posts if you were that interested.

    I havn't dug up any dirt on you, so I don't have a clue where that comes far as deflecting the spotlight from my own shortcomings.....I'll let my wife deal with my only one......Bottom line is do a little research before you jump into a conversation that you couldn't possibly know anything about.
  8. Sweets

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    For christ sake Paul enough of this crap already...damn you've been crying over this all night and today too. Digging dirt??? no one dug for anything all Steve showed you any one of us could have found it's here for everyone to see, this site and our members have a sense of humor for the most part about the things that happen here, obviously you can't see that.

    The neg rep is for you to use as you see fit, however, you get what you give out and you lied when you said why you gave out the neg rep to one member, something that doesn't bode well on any site, especially here where all we have to go on is everyone's post and their word and well we all can see how that turned out.
  9. Paul33

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    No, that's bullcrap. You have judged me based on what you have seen without knowing anything about me, which is fine.

    I merely did the same with SRW because I witnessed 2 incidents where he treated members with disdain, yet harps on about the merits of recruiting new members to contribute to his site. Treating members like crap for making a simple enquiry over PM's is needless. He could have simply ended this thread in Post 2 by simply saying, sorry it's not possible to block admin PM's. But instead he makes sarcastic bordering on antagonistic comments that are bound to draw a reaction from Cheezy.

    The history of Cheezy's post is irrelevant, I have been told that personal matters should be aired via Fight Club or PM. Therefore if there is any history between them, it shouldn't have spilled over here. That ain't my problem and it isn't my job to read up on Cheezy. I'm just reacting on what I see in front of me, just like you are doing about me right now.

    The comments I made about digging up unrelated dirt were not even aimed at you.

    Bottom line, it's not my position to do any research. I speak as I find.
  10. wide right

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  11. SRW

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    So it's your place to be the "Champion Of Forum Justice"......ok. :icon_scratch:

    Paul, you just keep going and going. Well congrats...your hissy fit has moved up from needing a shovel to dig your own hole to this:


    Now, don't forget your first!
  12. Paul33

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    I didn't lie as such, I just forgot why I neg repped him. I thought I did it based on the OTT Fight Club thread, but then it turns out it was because he interjected needlessly on the other argument I had with SRW and I neg repped a separate post instead.

    I have already admitted that I made a tit of myself over that- but my point is that the neg rep stuff was not relevant to the original debate. The original debate was over SRW reaction to a poster making a simple request/comment and being treated needlessly harsh over it, regardless of whatever previous grudges there were involving that member.

    Thing is I don't give a toss now, the discussion was fun last night, you guys are the ones who dredged it back up again today after I had moved on from it. I'm only coming back now because it seems unfair that I'm getting slated by members who no nothing about me either, so it's a bit rich being told to do my research when none of you guys know the first thing about me.
  13. dolphindude13

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    Which solidify's my oppinion that this site isn't a good fit for you.

    Well, you quoted me and then used that line.....which would make anyone think you were talking directly to them right?

    Which is the reason that you're in the middle of this circle jerk huh?
  14. Paul33

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    The site is a good fit if I stick to NFL articles. Regardless of my antics here, I think you'll find my efforts in NFL sections have been more than constructive.

    Sure I've been a bit of a tit here, but so what? As you say it's only a freaking forum, hardly gonna ruin my life knowing I'm disliked by a few faceless mugs behind a computer screen 6000 miles away, just as I'm sure you don't give a crap about my thoughts on anyone here either.
  15. Sweets

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    Everyone here judges people by what they post. The history of Cheezy is relevant, it would have shown you WHY he was spoken to like he was, it wasn't a personal attack, guess you don't know the difference. If Steve had said Cheezy you freaking loser, if you don't like the way the site it then take your freaking sorry butt and get the heck out, thats a personal attack, a simple request asking if he wanted to delete his account if he's unhappy with the admin is just that a simple request. It is your problem and your job to read up if you jump into a conversation that you really know nothing about.

    Also people here don't hold grudges long you don't need to say you're only going to post in the NFL area, there are people here who rubbed a lot of us the wrong way who ended up being great members here.
  16. dolphindude13

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    Finally something we can agree on.

    Maybe, outside of the dumbass post about Jason Taylor. I try not to hang on every word of other people here as some will do. **wink** **wink**
  17. SRW

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    March McNabb Award nominee? I am thinking "yes".
  18. Jammin Jaguar

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    Freaking hell guys and girls, please just stop it. Everywhere we look.
  19. DawkinsINT

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    Even though I don't always see eye to eye with Paul, his football posts aren't bad.
  20. Sweets

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    2 members brought it up again, as it's their right to do because this is a public forum.