I'm Back... My Re-intro Thread

Discussion in 'Noob Central' started by SportsLady, Jul 18, 2013.

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    Re: Hi All, New Here...

    I apologize for my statements/actions. They were clearly over the line. I should have never said them. They were taken out of context. Everybody please forgive me. I will seek counseling to make sure such instances never happen again. I am thankful to have such a great support group in: Tim Tebow, Marion Jones, Mike Tyson, Gilbert Arenas, Steve Bartman, Mark McGuire, Kobe Bryant, Eldrick Woods, Alex Roidriguez, Michael Vick, Bill Parcells, Jamal Lewis, Gary Barnett, Edgar Prado, Todd Bertuzzi, Scot Pollard, Josh McDaniels, Terrelle Pryor, Sean Avery, Greg McMackin, Joey Porter, Jason Giambi, Charles Barkley, Andy Pettitte, Latrell Spreewell, Wade Boggs, Rex Ryan, George Hill, Grady Sizemore, Greg Oden, Roger Clemens, Rick Pitino, Vince Coleman, John Calipari, Tyson Gay, Lance Armstrong, Suzy Favor Hamilton, Ben Johnson, Brett Farve, Ben Roethlisberger, Rob Gronkowski, Mark Sanchez, LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Josh Smith, Dunta Robinson, Carlos Zambrano, Jim Hendry, Hideki Matsui, Frank Robinson, Don Zimmer, Jim Boeheim, Ron Artest, and Metta World Peace who all helped me formulate this apology. Yaddi yadda ya. Blah blah blah.
    Your's truly/Sincerely,
    This guy/JEMicklos
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    Welcome,I like your attitude.
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    Welcome aboard [MENTION=4420]SportsLady[/MENTION]!!

    Don't mind the resident carney, his team hasn't been worth a crap for so long now all they can do is snitch about teenagers getting arrested in Gainesville. It's really all that fan base has to hang their hat on these days.

    It's nice to have a female Gator on here again.
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    How do you make Gator cookies? Put them in the Sugar Bowl and pound them for 3 hours
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    Welcome to the boards...

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    Only thing that would make this any better, is if she was THEE Gator Girl [MENTION=802]Crowned[/MENTION]