Is Champ truly the G.O.A.T. Corner?

Discussion in 'NFL General Discussion' started by denverobsession, Jul 21, 2007.

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  2. Garnett

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    That's an interesting read. I would say Prime Time is still better then Champ because Sanders was never thrown at as much as Champ Bailey is today. I remember watching entire games and only a couple balls would be thrown to his half of the field.
  3. DawkinsINT

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    Sanders, as much as I dislike him, is the greatest CB to ever play the game.
  4. nastynate184

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    yea i would still rate neon deon over him right now
  5. yisman

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    I'd say Night Train Lane was a better corner
  6. showoff

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    alright i am not one to debate, but i have to put my two cents in on this, the funny thing is the two comments above mine are from a cowboy fan (primetime played for) and a raider fan (just don't like the broncos), primetime he has to be one of my favorite players of all time, if you put them both in a game together at the same age more plays would go to sanders than to champ, sanders didn't tackle-champ does, champ very rarely got thrown to last season but still had ten pics, i believe that by the time champ retires he will be the greatest, but it is a debate that will go on just like who is the greatest qb, some say elway, and others say marino, etc. time will just tell.
  7. Dam8610

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    Yeah, Night Train over anyone listed here.
  8. Chrisbob

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    Champ's the best of his era, he's a play maker but compared to the guys the writer mentions on the list, he's not up there purely because he has a history of giving up big plays. Champ always has and maybe always will, be a sucker for the pump fake and that gets him caught out enough to effect his all time standing although I think he's having a HOF career.

    The writer is on crack if he thinks Champ is better than Darrell Green, Green was the best corner in the league for a good 5 or 6 years before Sanders turned up, was rarely thrown at in his time, hence his low int total, was a fine tackler for his size and was still playing at a high standard in his 40's. I'll never forget the year we drafted Smoot and started 0-5, not Fred's fault but he did get his share of getting picked on. He got injured, Green came in, the Skins went 5-0 the next 5 games. Certainly, it wasn't the two players alone that made the difference but the fact Darrell, at 41, could still cover man-to-man and hold his own showed how good he still was.
  9. Platoon 86

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    Champ's the best CB in the NFL right now IMO. He's definitley a playmaker and is quick. I wouldn't rate him with Deion or twinky "Night Train" Lane but Bailey's still a great CB. I'm hoping for the best for him this year, I've got him on my Fantasy Football roster.
  10. Walnuts

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    Any argument or comparison made on stats alone should be immediately dismissed, IMO. Having seen them both play, Deion was a far better corner than Champ. He would consistently completely negate the very best of recievers to play the game, and a large part of his stat line, or rather lack thereof, is due to the fact that especially early on in his career, qb's would rather cut both hands off at the wrist than throw towards Deion. It's hard to get defensive numbers when the ball is never within 20 yards of you. This was never the case with Champ. He was avoided if possible, but not like the plague. Not like Primetime.
  11. Garnett

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    That's very well stated.
  12. denverobsession

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    The writer most certainly is not on crack, nor did I say Champ was better than Deion, Lane, Green, Blount, et al. My point was that Champ is stacking up WELL against some of the greatst corners in history (at the same point in their careers). I think at every point I mentioned all the things Champ would need to do in order to top each of these players (and that almost always included playing for another 6 years).

    I agree with you that stats are only a starting point. I actually listed Blount as my top of the list for that reason alone. Blount CHANGED the position (and some would argue the GAME itself). He dominated the field in such a way that the NFL had to change the rules of the game.

    To his credit Deion also caused a rule change... however, that rule concerned signing bonuses. :icon_twisted:

    Anyway, as I put in the disclaimer: It's a silly little post meant to occupy the last few days before camp starts up. It really wasn't meant to be taken too seriously! :icon_smile:

    Have a great week!
  13. GawdZeeRaa

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    Champ will definitely be up there in the GOAT discussion when all is said and done, but at this point, I'd still put Deion, Night Train and even Lester Hayes in front of him.
  14. Jazzman

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    Champ tackles. nuff said
  15. Litez0ut

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    Deion was on a whole different level then Champ. I did not see Deion get beat by WRS the way TO and a few others beat up on Champ. Champ is a good corner.
  16. RedskinsNo.1

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    Champ is a great CB no doubt about that but GOAT not yet
  17. Litez0ut

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    I agree, I guess A lot of people are just sipping on the kool-aid and need to watch some Deion game footage.
  18. DBR96A

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    Um...Rod Woodson, anyone?
  19. Garnett

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    Rod Woodson was really good, but he doesn't get into the greatest of all time discussion. I don't think Champ should be anywhere near there as well.
  20. Chrisbob

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    Woodson was a great corner (made the NFL's 75th anniversary team I think) and a very underrated return man too but he prolonged his career with a move to safety where to be fair, he also had some very good years. A sure fire Hall Of Famer but not in the GOAT argument. In fact, he's not even the best Steelers CB of all time......