Is Cowboys QB Tony Romo Starting To Feel The Pressure?

Discussion in 'Dallas Cowboys' started by SRW, Sep 20, 2010.

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    Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo may find more critics as the losses mount. The numbers indicate that Romo had a pretty good day against Chicago: 34-of-51 passing for 374 yards and a touchdown, with both interceptions on tipped balls. Here's the deal: He doesn't always have to be great and most of the time, he just has to set his feet and give his receivers a chance to make a play but the problem is Romo doesn't always do that. Bill Parcells used to say that his talented, excitable young quarterback sometimes pulled the trigger too fast. Someone's saying it still. "Sometimes the quarterback can throw it too quickly," Martellus Bennett said. "It is the little things like that make the difference."

    Source: The Dallas Morning News
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    Are you kidding me?
    Romo feeling pressure?! Afraid of critics? Lets see, I wonder when he is going to face more critics.
    After blotching a snap in the playoffs, or after losing the first 2 of a 16 game season
    Lets get real.
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    This whole damn team should feel the pressure...the Cowboys have a team of Prima Donnas...plain and simple. This "yes man" of a coach that Wade NOT what this coach needs.
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    then quit watching. plain and simple. Jason Witten, DWare and Anthony Spencer are such prima donnas........ gtfo. We have one Prima Donna, and thats Roy Williams. Dude celebrates every catch he gets.

    Tony will be fine, he's playing well. And his arm is being over-worked... the way I see things, is usually we're starting out hot, and we die in the playoffs.... we're just dead right now, and going to get hot as we roll into the playoffs. :icon_cool:
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    AMEN Brother, AMEN
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    Lol. Leave it to Brian to stir the pot. :D I don't think the Cowboys are in trouble. They should have beat the Redskins. Mistakes killed them. It's 2 games into the season. No one in that division is looking like a team to beat at this point. So, they have time to right the ship. I think Dallas' biggest problem is Wade. But, whatever they wanna do, that's their problem. I don't like Tony Romo. I don't like the Cowboys. But, I don't think he's a bust as quarterback, he just needs to get timing with some of his guys down pat. He's got weapons to go to. Miles Austin. Jason Witten. Dez Bryant's gonna be good. This team is far from down and out. If you look at the entire NFL, no one in the first two weeks looks like they're well above anyone else.