JaMarcus Russell To Workout For The Redskins On Tuesday

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  1. NFL sources told FOX 26 Sports former Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell will work out Tuesday for the Washington Redskins. Russell, the number one overall draft pick in 2007, was released by the Raiders in May. In three years as a starting quarterback in Oakland, Russell had 7-18 record. For three months, Russell has been working with former NBA head coach John Lucas in Houston in an effort to get a second chance in the NFL. On Oct. 20, Russell told FOX 26 Sports he was convinced he would get another shot at playing quarterback in the NFL. "I know for a fact," said Russell then. "I have faith in God and strong beliefs. I know for a fact. It's going to happen. "I can't say when, but until it happens I am going to stay here in Houston and continue to work out each and every day no matter how long it takes." Asked if he has any doubts he can help an NFL team, Russell said, "None. None whatsoever. I need to be there."

    Source: MyFoxHouston.com
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  2. Get the heck outta here.....is Shanahan this serious?

    Is he that against McNabb to bring in this huge stench of failure?
  3. CaptainStubing

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    this is getting hecked up really fast ............ shanahan is worthless ........... what happened to him? he used to be a really good coach back in the 90's .............
  4. DontKnowMe

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    So he can bench McNabb for Russell? If I was McNabb I would quit if they signed him.
  5. I never wanted to believe this until now....but it's now apparent that John Elway had a lot to do with that and Shanahan was just living off that all this time.
  6. Getting benched for Grossman is one thing....but facing the possibly of being benched for Russell is the ultimate kiss of death for McNabb's or any QB's career.
  7. DontKnowMe

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    Uh, wrong league Russell :icon_confused:
  8. now guys let's not rush to conclusions. What if Shanahan just wants to use him as a backup.
  9. Not For Long......

    McNabb is most likely a one and done in Washington...he has yet to receive a new deal.
  10. Crowned

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    Call me crazy, but I see nothing wrong with taking a flyer on Russell, he has the strongest arm in the game, you just have to get him past the mental aspect of it all. It's been done before, and he'll come cheap. No harm.
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    Even if he was in shape and off the drink when has he ever showed that he's an Nfl Qb besides the rocket arm?
  12. and then Shanahan will get a hand-picked rookie. I see no issue here. EIther way Russell won't play.
  13. Somehow...I don't see Russell just being a backup in Washington in the long-term.

    Shanahan may think he can salvage this car wreck and mold him into a legit NFL quarterback.
  14. smeags

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    this isnt a move to replace mcnabb. my god people. it's to get a better closer than grossman.
  15. Not right now....

    Russell is a former No. 1 pick. He'll want a chance to start.....certainly won't come this year though. But McNabb's own future raises speculation that if Russell is signed, he may be in the mix next year if McNabb is indeed a one and done.
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    Good lord people its just a freaking workout. He's not being handed a starting job, hell he's still got a ways to go to even make the team.
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    Yeah it is just a work out, but they wouldn't be doing this just for the hell of it. They have some intention of signing him if they like what they see.
  18. phiglesphan

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    McNabb pissed in Shanny's cheerios.
  19. in the mix as in if our rookie blows then you may get a chance to come in if we don't find someone better.
  20. Chipper10

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    Do it, Washington! Sign him. Start him over McNabb! Show us all why you don't belong among the elite of the NFL - again. -shakes head-

    This is a joke. Russell is an embarassment. He has a bad attitude. Trust me. He's from here. I know. The kid had his chance, granted with the Raiders, but look at Oakland without him now. Hmm.