Jeff George Says He's Ready To Pick Up Colts Offense

Discussion in 'Indianapolis Colts' started by SRW, Sep 19, 2011.

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    With some fans suggesting that the Colts use their 0-2 start as a reason to tank it and win the rights to draft Stanford’s Andrew Luck, one memorable Indianapolis passer from yesteryear believes he could be the answer for the Peyton Manning-less squad. That would be 43-year-old Jeff George, the once-strong-armed (and still-cantankerous) passer whom the Colts chose with the first overall pick in the 1990 NFL Draft following a blockbuster trade. “Just talked to Jeff George, who lives in Indy and says he could pick up that Colts offense in a matter of days,â€￾ tweeted Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times. George put up intriguing numbers as the Falcons’ QB from 1994 to 1996 (including 4,143 yards and 24 touchdowns for Atlanta’s 1995 wild-card squad) before bouncing around to Oakland, Minny, Washington, Seattle — and finally a cup of coffee in Chicago in 2004, before his career finished.

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    I couldn't pass up the's too damn funny. :icon_cheesygrin:
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    What offense? I was always under the impression that Peyton was the offense.
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    Open QB competition between George and Favre.
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    I'd pay to see
  8. Had a feelin' George's name would pop up sooner or later.........
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    i would be so annoyed if the colts followed up peyton manning with andrew luck, hed even get to sit and learn to dominate for 2-3 years easily
  10. Manning-Luck could rival Montanta-Young if that were to happen........
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    manning-luck could potentially destroy montana-young

    ive never seen a so universally accepted #1 overall pick, best QB prospect ive ever seen personally, just has it all. Hell even peyton had to compete with leaf at the time...there could be 3 top ten QBs this year and the other 2 are merely consolation prizes
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    by that logic manning/luck would have to produce two first ballot HOF inductions - i know manning is already one - as well as at least 8 super bowl victories.
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    i guess what i meant was manning im is a better QB than montana and young already, despite the lack of titles

    and luck could potentially be better than manning based on what weve seen so far, not saying it would be easy but following up mannign with luck is seriously 20 years of best case scenerio at QB for them, most teams search for years when they lose their franchise QB
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  14. Jeff George good god go back to your cage
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    Jeff can pick up the offense and bring it where? To the offensive coordinators office? He was a c**t back then and is now.
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    Seriously. Luck hasn't even finished his college career. Let's give it some time before we compare him to anyone, much less Steve Young.
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    Is he hurting for cash or something?
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    JEFF GEORGE!!! The Jesus of Indiana!! Please NO!!! One of the worst draft picks ever!!
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    my thoughts exactly